Saturday, January 7, 2012

Beatle Bea Update

Yeah!  A bright spot in a tough week.  Kelsey Nichols shot several pictures of my little Miss Beatle Bea. 

She has been settling into Orchard Run sheep camp nicely.  The first few weeks were tough on her as she came into standing heat which restricted her free time. 

She does not look pleased.  

These few pictures darn near ripped my heart out.  I felt like she was gazing into the camera saying "COME GET ME!"

Common sense prevailed, I was able to get a hold of my overly sensitive canine mind reading skills, reminded myself that all kids scream and want to come home the first couple weeks of summer camp.  

Updates came in from Dianne.  She was putting the foundation on Bea, getting her listening, hooked & building their relationship.  Flanks were looking good, the away side was showing to be a bit tight, so Dianne was focusing on that. 

The next set of pictures that came Christmas week from Kelsey made me smile.  Not such a scared little face this time.  More interested in what was going on around her.  

This may sound silly.  I was worried about her being warm enough.  Bea's main environment has been indoors.  She goes out to play, hang out & what not, yet spends the majority of her time in a nice warm house.  

I left her in a crate at Dianne's with her thick quilted Sherpa blanket and a cushy, soft dog bed - so she would be warm in Idaho's frigid temperatures. 

I am certain all the other dogs were jealous of her luxurious bedding.  That was my objective, don'tcha know.  Dianne said I could leave the bedding but she drew the line when I suggested hanging curtains, installing a heat lamp and a relaxing water fountain.  Apparently Dianne believes she should have curtains in her own house before the dogs are allowed to have them in their crates. 

Go figure? 


Actually the accommodations are rather nice at Dianne's.  All of the dogs are crated indoors at night.  During the day they have run of the dog yards when not being worked.  The dog barn never drops below 40 and Bea would have acclimated well - the bedding was for my comfort.  I can see in the pictures her coat looks gorgeous and thicker than it was when I left her.  

The last update I received:  Dianne was continuing to work on squaring up the away side, lengthening her out, and started driving.  She said Bea has the right amount of eye and is learning to use it well.  She has been working her on a group of 20 lively Shetland sheep to keep things interesting.  Bea is fitting into the group well and Dianne is very happy with her.  

A couple of days ago a whole new set of pictures came from Kelsey, which put a big grin on my face.  

There is my girl.  

Bea reminds Dianne of Bett (Bea's mother) in looks, mannerisms and sweetness. 

Dianne told me Bea really wishes she would learn her name and stop calling her Bett.  Bea tells Dianne repeatedly that she is NOT her mother. 

There is the confident mischievous little Bea I know.  

Dianne said happy little girl that wants to please and is fun to work.  Dianne's approach is to not push her, just work her and move along at a casual pace.  There is no hurry & I am good with that.  No reason to rush her, she has a long happy life ahead of her.  I would rather things were slow, then maybe I will have a chance to catch up with her and be the type of handler she deserves. 

Someone please please please send me a video!  I am about to go out of my mind! 

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Ann said...

I keep getting promises of video! The last set of pix really made me happy, though.