Sunday, January 15, 2012

Random Prattle

Mt Rainier was displayed in all her glory during sunset the day before yesterday. 

A cold front with snow was moving in from the gulf of Alaska which finally brought winter to our neck of the woods.

I have nothing of import to say.  Not that I have anything important to say any time I write a post.  Most of the time I just slap together some drivel so I can share pictures.  Like this one. 

It is funny how I go through phases with each dog.  Some days Beth drives me insane, other days I adore her to pieces.  This week has been good.  As long as I align my expectations with reality we get along just fine. 


Vicki brought her dogs out to work this last week, and we were able to get some great shots.  There is nothing better than shooting in the winter afternoon light, it brings so much drama to pictures, the warmth & low angle of the sun lights up the eyes beautifully. 

Vicki's dog Jynx bringing the sheep across the field.  I have been having oodles of fun experimenting with lighting.  This is one of my favorite angles to shoot in our field with the setting sun low on the horizon & reflecting off the pond in the pasture across the lane.  Lens flares are fun.  Now if I can just figure out how to process these shots to best accent their drama.  Presently I am doing nothing other than a crop. 

Of late, my goal has been to do as little processing as possible.  If I can just do a crop and a quick adjustment for color or exposure I feel like I have hit the lottery.  I am struggling a bit with the noise my camera produces in low light - perhaps it is an excuse to purchase a new camera?  Hmmmm?  Alas, one needs money for that. 

Where is my winning lottery ticket?

The sheep are happy and ready for snow with fresh straw in their stalls & shelter, a new round bale and heated water tank. Today Monique and I wormed everyone.  I am grateful to my co-op partner, Monique.  Her spirit and positive attitude makes even mundane chores fun.


After we completed chores, I had a chance to photograph Monique's dogs Lucy & Rye working in the snow.  Can't wait to dive into processing those. 

I love the way Lucy matches the winter grasses.

Lucy is one of my favorite dogs to photograph.  She presents a challenge to get her eyes in the light.  She has a serious work ethic and is focused solely on the sheep with her eye lids half mast most of the time. Watching Monique & Lucy work is like watching a delicate dance, the epitome of teamwork.  I aspire to have a relationship with my dog like Monique has with Lucy. 

Last night I was processing photos from an photoshoot of a gorgeous couple and their two dogs.  There was an unsightly dark area on this one shot.  It was driving me nuts.  After trying several things to remove it with no result, it dawned on me it was a dog slobber smear on my monitor. 

Apparently I need new glasses. 

Have not heard back from the insurance company about reimbursement on my camera gear and other items taken during the burglary.  I am keeping my fingers crossed we will get a $ figure this week so we can begin to replace everything.  The kids have been missing the Wii. 

Life is good, at least Brynn thinks so. 

Bad iPhone shot of Brynn with Grace snuggled up on the couch watching TV. 


Diana said...

OMG, I love that first photo. Its sunning. Not that I dont like the dog photos too. LOL

Pat A said...

There are some great pix here, and of course love how relaxed Brynn is watching TV, nothing like when she is on sheep.

Laura Carson said...

That first picture took my breath away. Don't get me wrong, I love them all, but that first one... gorgeous.

Monique said...

Good girl, Lucy. Worming is always fun LOL