Monday, January 16, 2012

Death of a Dust Creature - Redux

While hoovering this afternoon I had cause to remember this post.  And because I am too lazy to process pictures after working dogs in the snow this morning I decided to repost this. 

We used to get dust bunnies in our house. 

Thankfully, Ranger waged a carefully orchestrated campaign which saw to a complete & swift eradication of the dreaded Dust Bunny. 

He was ruthless.

None were spared, mercy was not extended.

Forthwith, Ranger claimed victory. 

Now we have a new infestation Ranger is helpless to overcome.  He lacks those special border collie instincts allowing him to work livestock.  Bunnies were the extent of his talent. 

"These new dust creatures SCARE ME!" 

"Make them go away!"

Ranger, have no fear!  Bonnie is near! 

The dreaded Dust Bunny has mutated, evolved to a creature more fitting to a home of Border Collies. 

The Dastardly Dust SHEEP! 

Bonnie spots the Dust Sheep and immediately goes to work...she investigates. 

Takes it down in one fail swoop!

A moment to cover all possible escape routes...she moves in for her next assault. 

Brynn watches from the side, ready to lend her support at a moments notice. 

It is done.....the Dust Sheep has met it's fate....all that remains is a small pile of its former dustiness. 

Brynn do you have anything you want to share with our readers?  Anything we were unable to see outside of the view of the camera? 

"Yes, I do....they all need to know that Camera Face is shat bit crazy."

Well, okay, then....That concludes our special coverage.  Thank you for reading. 


food for thought said...

your talents are endless~

Anonymous said...

BOL! That was absolutely without a doubt no chance to be topped the superist nuttiest dust bunny sheep post EVER!

By the way, you have incapacitated Mom for the entire day. As I was scheduled for my quarterly bath, I Thank you with all my heart :)

Emma Rose said...

That was the cutest sheep ever!
RIP little sheepie.

Emma Rose

Veronica Lodge said...

HAH I LOVE the dust sheep...brilliant. Your dogs are gorgeous.

RYKER said...

Wow, our dust never looked that interesting! Very cool!