Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day in the Life

I have a new addiction.  That damn iPhone has taken over my life.  

The first few days I entertained myself arguing with Siri.  It is fun to call her names when I am having a bad day.  

Texting with Siri is an adventure in hysterics.  

 I almost let her send this text, until I read it. 

"Surrey that you scepter I am." 

That was supposed to be "Sorry that ewe slipped her lamb."

My favorite thing on on my iPhone are oodles of photo editing apps I have been downloading.  I like to play with Photogene, Camera+, Instagram & PictureShow.  I am taking pictures of everything, because ... I can. 

This last weekend someone broke in to our house in broad daylight and stole our Wii game system, a few other things and sadly my camera bag which held most of my lenses that was sitting near the piano in the front room.  Thankfully the idiots managed to miss my camera & the 100-400 mm lens which was sitting on the counter.   The only things that were stolen were in the front half our house, Bonnie & Ranger protected the rear, my camera, & our computers. 

What does that have to do with my iPhone?  Well, the only lens I have right now is my mondo huge, heavy lens and I get sick of schlepping it around with me and the iPhone is so much easier.  It is fun too! 

The camera is less than stellar.  It is very noisy (grainy) in low light conditions, but it can take some rather surprising shots, and the photo processing apps can give a rather ho-hum phone picture a kick.  

And now, just for you.  

A photographic journey through a day in the life of a Lunatic Sheepy Dog Lady & her Followers. 

"Are you ever going to get out of bed?  I need to pee." 


"Give me some of your breakfast crackers?  I have big hunger now." 

"Are you going to leave me at home alone with Ranger again?  When will you take me back to see the sheep?  I like to bite them."

Come on Beth, time to leave Teddy and go get some work done.  

"Just a moment please, I must kill the Teddy first."

Later in the pasture. 

"Move it Sherman."  (I liked the motion blur on the sheep nose.)

"I am watching ewe." 

"Nope, pigs can't do this." 

"What do you mean Lie Down?  WTF is wrong with a sit?  I am stopped aren't I?

"Go ahead Fatso, make my day."

"I forgot to floss my teeth this morning, care to help me out?"

"What is that thing?  Can I eat it?" (tries to bite my pretty pink iPhone cover.)

Motion blur, right before I fell over, yet again.  

Sheep think it is funny when you are on their level.  

It's the ewe posse, don't f*ck with them.  

"This is what we think about your stupid dog and running around the field." 

"Move it wenches".  

Look at the mountain, it is so pretty.  

Brynn, what are you doing!  LIE DOWN!  Whoops, no emotion.  

Whistle, realize there is alfalfa in my whistle, no sound comes out.  
Screeching commences. 

Look at how the pretty light has back lit the sheep.


Ooooh pretty sun.  Wait, where are they going? 

Where is Brynn?  There she is....

I love this place.  

Sheep make me smile.  

Okay ladies, let's go eat.  

Beth, hold them over there while I fill up the feeders.


Hello Jim.  How are you today?  Really, dude, I don't need any help. 

Hi Mama, you poor old girl.  

We are going to miss your sweet face.  

"It was a long day."  

Yep. We hauled hay, built a creep feeder, cleaned stuff up, worked dogs, checked sheep for pregnancy & weights, moved a bunch of stuff, fed kids, did laundry, made meals, dishes....and the dogs are too tired to get off the couch. 

Come on Camera (iPhone) Face.  Let's go to bed.  

Shut the light off and get that thing out of my face. 


Goodnight Brynn. 


Shelly said...

sorry to hear they got your lenses and your Wii. I've heard about a few of these Wii thefts this week, and they have all been in different states....weird!

Pat A said...

Your I phone takes better pix than my camera. You now have something to take the unexpected pix of when you do not have your camera with you. and of course I snagged a few for my dog albums.

Lynette said...

So sorry about the break-in! Please keep in mind that theives sometimes come back after a couple weeks knowing you'll replace what they already stole, so they can get brand new stuff! It's happened to a couple people I know. Keep all the valuables in the back of the house!

Great pics and commentary!

RYKER said...

Seems you can make any camera sing!
Happy New Year to all of you!