Thursday, January 5, 2012

Laura's TMT 2012 Edition #1

Laura is back with a new edition of Tell me Thursday, 2012 Edition #1.

1. What is your favorite new toy? I know you have one, so you might as well go on and fess up. 

Obviously my favorite new toy is my iPhone.  Although now I am going to challenge myself to turn the damn thing off.  And I am going on a FaceBook strike. 

2. If you're going to be caught under the mistletoe, who would you LEAST like it to be with?

My ex husband. 

3. New Year's Resolutions - for your dogs - share!

Short, sessions, working my dogs properly on one or two things.  If I am distracted, worried or my mind is not into it, don't set myself or my dog up for failure - focus on ONE thing.  Make sure that one thing is correct and end on a good note.  This prevents me from overwhelming myself.  The training is a process - a long slow process - it does not all need to be accomplished in one session. 

4. New Year's Resolutions - for yourself - share!

My personal resolution:  Make a conscious effort to choose compassion over contempt.   Compassion helps me understand, I may not agree with the way another person is acting, but compassion will help me see that their behavior or choices are 'theirs', not mine.  Compassion leads to understanding, and then to forgiveness.  Contempt only leads to isolation. 

This has been making the rounds on FaceBook... 

My personal resolution for trialing:  I resolve to not participate in the behind the post immature, harmful chatter I have had the misfortune to overhear and am ashamed to say have participated with in the past.  It has always made me horribly uncomfortable.  When I have been at the post, during small trials, I have been able to hear things that have been said, muttered, talked about.  It makes me a nervous wreck.  I feel badly about myself and terrible for other people. 

If what I am going to say is not "True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary or Kind" I am going to opt to keep it to myself. 

The reason why I am trialing is to grow personally.  Getting up in front of people, building this relationship with my dog, learning to trust in my dog and myself has been a massive personal journey and is the reason why I am here.  I need to remember that and know in my heart that this is not a popularity contest.  It is about proving to myself that I CAN DO THIS. 

5. How did you handle the holiday food situation?

There was a food situation?  Perhaps that is why all my pants now have elastic waists.  

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Laura Carson said...

I want an iphone!!! Do you love it?? Do you get to play angry birds? Everyone I know gets to play angry birds. Not me tho.

Those are great goals with regards to handler tent chatter. Good for you! I try to stay far away from that stuff. It helps that I usually manage to somehow fall asleep in my chair and just wake up in time to run my dog. lol