Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mr. Q

Anyone remember this little guy?  

We met him back in Oct 2010 when he was just a wee busy puppy.  

His name is Q.  

He lives with Erica & Randy Gordon at his home in Walla Walla.  Shortly after we met Q and told a story about him on this blog post "Puppy Attack"  he became extremely ill.  Erica was beside herself with worry.  Later after many trips to WSU they had a diagnosis.  Canine Myasthenia Gravis

A year filled with much love and care brought Q from a sick little puppy to a grown dog ready for sheep camp with Dianne Deal.   Parting with Q, leaving him with Dianne was a massive step for Erica.  She missed him dearly every minute he was gone.  But the time was well spent for them both.  

Q is back home with Erica now.  She picked him up before the holidays.  While going through the pictures I shot of Dianne working dogs when we were in Idaho I found a series I shot of the handsome Mr. Q during one of his training sessions with Dianne.  

He has grown up.  Puppy stalking.  

Grown Q working


He is a handsome young lad.  

Just starting to learn his new job.  

Fast & zippy, with just a hint of puppy hanging on. 

Going through these pictures made me chortle with delight

You can almost hear him saying "OMG must turn....NOW!"

"Watch them watch them watch them"

"What was I doing?"

"Go this way RIGHT NOW!" 

"NO! The other WAY!" 

"What are my feet doing?"


"I'm gonna 'neak up on 'em"

"They can't see me, cuz I am invisible" 

"How low I can go?"


 "Neener Neener Neener!"

 "I work better with my tongue out."

"Dont mess with the mighty Tongue Dog, stupid woolies!"

 "Whew, I am tired" 

 "Let me at 'em again, they are gettin' away!"

 "I got em!"

"Slippery devils..."

 "I wonder what they taste like?"

 "Dianne loves me."

 We all love you Q-Bert. 


manymuddypaws said...

Cute Cute!!!

Versailles Rose said...

Those photos are gorgeous, but then look at the subject!