Sunday, January 8, 2012

Miss Kate

Miss Kate is owned by Vicki Romero. She recently purchased her from Diane Pagel. Kate is a litter-mate to Bonnie Block's handsome Bob Robert. She is out of Bonnie Block's Ellie Mae x George MacDonald's Nap.

A week before I took Kate & Bea to Idaho for sheep camp with Dianne Deal, Vicki brought Kate over for a test run. She already had a good foundation put on her by Diane Pagel and was going to Dianne Deal for fine tuning.

Kate is a little firecracker. 

She was fun to photograph as she went bounding across the field.  

She has a nice feel for the sheep.  

She figured out Miss Piggie, the surely Columbia-Rambouillet ewe, that feels it is her job to turn on any dog that gets to close to her butt.  

Move on Miss Piggie.  

Did I mention she was fast?  

... and pretty.  

Whooosh, there she goes.  Four off the floor.

Fast, but sensible.  

Kate has been staying with Bea at sheep camp.   Vicki & I are going to Idaho to pick the girls up in February, and to run our dogs at the El Presidente trial.   

I am anxious to see my Miss Beatle.  I bet she is even more anxious to see Kate since she did not have much time with her before she went to Idaho.  

My guess, Kate is having the time of her life.  

(Above picture shot by Kelsey Nichols in Idaho)

Oooooh we are going to have oodles of fun with these two!  

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