Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tell Me Thursday #7

It is time for Crooks & Crazies Tell me Thursday once again.  A welcome reprieve to coming up with a blog post all on my own.  A rare occurrence these days, what with sheep, dogs and summertime to enjoy.

1. What five things can't you live without? 

  • Our children

  • My husband (on a good day, bad days replace this bullet with SHEEP)

  • My dogs

  • Cotton underwear big enough to sail a boat - no thongs or Victoria's Nightmares here, just good old fashioned grannie panties - yep.  Nothing compares for comfort or to cover a overly large bootaaaah. 

  • Powder (I am a powder addict, I love body powder, scented powders, deodorant powders, corn starch...any powder, I love it. Most likely I will die of some powder induced lung disease.)

2. How do you transport your dogs? 

  • I have a Ford Freestyle.   I love my car.  It is a cross over utility vehicle, or what we used to call a station wagon.  It seats seven.  I have folded down the third row of seats and put two crates there.  We are in the process of building a platform for the crates to sit on with drawers underneath for storage.  When I need to to have four crates I fold down the middle row of seats and can get two more medium sized crates there.  If I really cram them in there I can fit 5 crates total, when desperate.  If I have to take all the dogs with me (short trips to river or field to play) I stuff Bea & Brynn in one crate.  Ranger & Bonnie together in another and Beth is the princess, she is loose in the back seat with the kids. 

3. What role does obedience play in your training or running of your dog(s)? 

  • I taught Brynn how to sit, lie down, stay, perch work & target.  She knows how to speak and a have worked on impulse control & balancing a toy on her head.  - nothing else that I can think of.  I think the little bit of off-sheep training has helped develop our relationship but other than that, I dont think it has made a difference one way or another on sheep. 
  • Beth has the full range of obedience from her former drug detection training & agility training when we first adopted her - but she forgets all of it if there are any distractions - the obedience has helped her with impulse control on sheep - however I think it is the basis of her petulant, passive/aggressive behavior on sheep - to some degree.  
  • Bonnie has had all her obedience training and several Rally-O classes, CGC & service dog certification.   When we work on sheep she heels, and I have a very hard time getting her to leave my side to go after the sheep.  I wish I would NOT have done so much obedience training with her before she went on sheep - personally I think it messed her up a bit.  We won't talk about her lack of talent or drive, I prefer to blame the obedience training, mmmmkay?  
  • Ranger can do everything except herd sheep, so it is a moot point with him.  
  • I have not taught Bea how to do anything other than recall (that'll do), stay behind me when I am walking (sometimes), loose leash walking (sometimes), lie down, sit, target with her nose, we are working on a stay and some impulse control (waiting for release to eat her food etc).  Other than that she jumps up on me all the time and her manners are non existent. But she gives the best hugs in the world. She goes to Dianne Deal for training in a couple of months.  I don't want to mess her up or put a bunch of pressure on her for things that don't really matter to me. 

4. At what point do you start putting commands on your dogs? 

  • I cant really answer this, as Dianne started Brynn for me.  She will also start Bea.  Until I am confident I will not ruin a young dog I will let a professional help me with the all important foundation.  The only 'command'  I have put on Bea is "that'll do". 

5. Do you talk to strangers in elevators? 

  •, I take the stairs.  I hate elevators & avoid tall buildings.  If I am on a high enough dose of anti-anxiety meds I will sing, dance and strip for strangers, or so I am told.  I have no memory of this and as far as I am concerned it never happened. 


Laura Carson said...

Oh girl. I am a huge promoter of good old fashioned grannie panties. The heck with those other things. I'm all about some comfort. And coverage. :)

The freestyle is one I've considered. How is the gas mileage? Important consideration with the commute to work these days.

The girl behind the lens said...

Awww, Bea gets away with as much as Lex does! She is mannerless and "Wild dog" half the time, including barking in the house (and in my face when I try and make her QUIET...erg... time outs for that one!). and the other half she's fabulous.

She also is very, very good at forgetting her recall, if sheep are involved.

Glad I'm not the only one who lets me dog jump on me. Lex gives the best hugs too - she jumps up at me, wraps her front paws around my waist and buries her face in my stomach. <3


Glad to hear that shouldn't matter with stock work :) I did take an obedience/agility cross course (beginner agility - nothing to hurt a pup) with her and it was great, but I'm remiss at demanding a continuous, at-my-side heel. AS long as she's not pulling on the leash, I'm generally happy. Lol. I do believe we'll be re-inforcing the STAYS more and more and more.

What do you expect and how do you control for the impulse control?

We definitely need some of THAT, too. Lol :)

You've made my day. I sometimes feel that by not being all "drill sargeant" on my dog, I'll ruin her... glad to hear that that's not the case!

(although, she's still going to get her butt kicked for chasing horses. Scary!)

RYKER said...

Sing and dance all you want but don't strip off those grannie panties!!! Pleaseee!

BCxFour said...

Laura, I am a bad egg and just saw your question about the Freestyle gas mileage. Mine gets an average of 28 mpg. When I drive to Idaho and keep it on cruise control I tend to get around 30mpg. City driving eats up the gas and it drops to 25 on average around town.