Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jim the Llama & Mama

¿Como se llama? 

Yo llamo Jim, el Llama. 

Don't mess with me.

I might spit.

Big honkin' loogies o'slime

I don't spit at Camera Face or John, because I like them.  Once I got to know the dogs and found out they weren't gonna hurt my girls, I leave them alone too.  

I am a nice llama. 

I take care of my homegirls.

With Mama at my side.  My Mama is not a llama.

Mama, the Black Belly ewe is queen of my field.  I like older women. 

Even though she don't have but three teeth in her head, I let her think she is in charge.  That's the way to keep old girl happy.

Mama watches closely when the dogs work the girls.  

She often bellows her displeasure from the night pasture - making sure they all know she is rootin' for them to win.  

We take care of our flock. 

Mama decides our schedule.  When we should be eatin' and when we should be sleepin'.   It works best that way.  I learned not to argue, she is loud and it hurts my ears when she yells. 

It is hard work taking care of all these ladies.  They tell me there are more ladies coming soon.  I want a raise.

Sometimes a dude just has to get away.  

When they aren't watching, I make my move.  

The coast is clear, no one followed me. 

Time to hide.  

I need a break. Them ladies talk and talk and talk and talk... 

If I play my cards right I can take a nice long nap, free of nosey ewes.  




Anonymous said...

Gusto tu nombre Llama BOL! Great photos! Luv the expressions :D

Waggin at ya,

Doniene said...

What characters our animals are!!! Great photos, thanks for sharing!!

Versailles Rose said...

Lloves the llama!

Linda said...

I don't think I'd mess with the big Llama at all! Nice eyes, though! Loved the pictures.