Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ranger's Baby

This is my baby.  

Camera Face says it is her granddaughter Alyssa.  

I disagree.  It is my baby Alyssa.  Amy is her mommy.  I own her too. 

When they come to see me, I sit on the floor with them and take care of the baby. 

I watch over her. 

I make sure she doesn't put bad things in her mouth.  

I am good at my job.  Amy likes to scratch my head.  

Alyssa needs kisses.  

They make her giggle.  

I like it when she giggles.  

It makes me happy, and my tail thumps.  

I take good care of my baby.  I make sure she doesn't get into bad stuff.  

I check her diapers.  

That one is stinky.  Let's help Daddy get a new one out of the diaper bag.  

Alyssa likes to play with me.  

I like to see her smile.  

She makes me happy.  

I am very gentle with my baby.  But her mommy and grandma watch me very closely because they want everyone to be happy and safe.  They will always make sure that Alyssa is never able to accidentally hurt me. 

And they make sure I am not put in a position where I can accidentally hurt her.

That is good, because I love my baby.  She is cute.  

She watches me when I walk around. 

Now that she is crawling I am going to have to be extra watchful. 

She giggles when I look at her.  

I love Alyssa.  

I think we will keep her. 


Denise Schoen said...

Beautiful family!

Lynn said...

Awwww, Ranger. They are lucky to have you! :)

Doniene said...

Absolutely adorable!!! Great photos! Such fun!!


Karen said...


gvmama said...

Your daughter is so lucky to have a Mom that is a photographer! I wish we had the cameras today way back when I had my son. I hardly have any photos. Your photos are beautiful.