Friday, September 9, 2011

My Mother Wants to Know....

(Mystery Solved!  Thank you Lasse for emailing!  I have passed your email onto my mother and will let you know if she has any questions.)

I love my mother. But she can drive me nuts too.

I think it is a mother's job in life, to effectively drive their adult children insane. I know I am mastering this art with my own daughter. My mother taught me well.

My mother reads my blog and has discovered the Feedjit widgit thing on the sidebar and enjoys seeing all the people who visit throughout the world.

Then she saw someone from Linköping, Sweden has been reading my blog. After that she has become obsessed.

My grandfather is from Linköping. My father's cousins live there too.

My mother asked me to please write a quick blog post and ask the person who reads my blog in Linkoping, Sweden....are you a relative?

There you have it.

Please email me at if you are by any strange turn of fate a relative from a city of over 150,000 people.



forensicfarmgirl said...

ROTFLMAO! Love it!

livin life said...

Ditto on what forensicfarmgirl said! ROTFLMAO!!!! Thank you for the morning laugh! Is this sort of like the "degree" thang where we are all related somehow if we look close enough.....