Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Having our own sheep has brought a whole new dimension into our lives.  

I never thought I would see my city born husband on the ground, smiling and laughing while holding a sheep as it was sheared.  


Nor did I imagine him building fences, hanging gates or or gently stroking a ewe and talking to her while I cleaned a wound & shot her full of antibiotics.  

I never thought I would hear him tell me that he 'liked sheep'.  

His only experience with a dog growing up was with a crazy German Shepherd named Bongo that jumped through the front window a few times, terrorized the house and ate his shoes.  

That has changed.  Now we have five dogs that eat his shoes. 

When we married I already had three kids and two dogs.  I think the biggest shock for him was the kids, the dogs were the easy part.  

Katie loved him from the first time she met him. 

He was the only one who would let her lick his face.  She had some nasty breath at the end, enough to curl your toenails - but he let her love on him.  

John fell in love with Beth when he met her.  

He started Beth.  It was a family affair.  

When he had to start working mandatory overtime for several months I took over Beth's training...and kept her.  

He tried working with Bonnie in the meantime.  

He hung out with Ranger.  

Slowly he came back to working Beth.  

Until circumstances would change and I would end up with Beth again. 

He missed her.  

This coming weekend (Labor Day Monday) John is going to run Beth in N/N and Ranch in his first trial in Yelm at the Rocky Ewe SDT. 

Join me in wishing them the best of luck!   

It has been a long time in coming for them both.  They make a good team. 


An English Shepherd said...

Great family pictures and a lovely post :-)

An English Shepherd said...

And the best of luck to John & Beth :-)

julie said...

Good luck, John & Beth! Just have as much fun as possible, that's what counts, the rest will follow.

Jen said...

What a great tribute! Good luck John and Beth!

Doniene said...

Wonderful testament!!! Brought tears to my eyes and of course the photography is beautiful. Hope John and Beth have great runs!!! Looking forward to hearing about it.


Lana said...

great write up and good luck!

Ann said...

Good luck, John!!! And, you too, Carolynn!

Ferreh Hiatt said...

Good luck John & Beth! Can't wait to hear the report!

Laura L. said...

Good luck and have fun. I enjoyed seeing all the pictures of you guys!