Sunday, June 19, 2011

Near Drowning

I am not pleased.

She may look cute and fluffy.  However, Bea-zlebub is evil incarnate. 

I will just be running along, all normal like....

When, out of now where, it strikes.

It hurts me physically.

It steals my peace of mind.

Over land, over water...

It is a relentless biting, snarling, snapping machine. 

It would be one thing if it just played, but now it is grabbing and holding on...

I love Bea.  She is my best buddy. 

Usually I can stay ahead of her...

But she is growing, getting faster, with sharper, longer teeth.  

She is faster than most of us now...

Things have evolved and I am drawing the line.  

The sh*t has got to stop.

Now she is ganging up with the Bonster to take me down.  

They tried to kill me.  

They are working together to drown me.  They almost succeeded.  Can't you see?

I survived...but just barely.  Next time I may not be so lucky. 

Beth even tried to teach them a lesson.  She was waiting for them and slapped Bea with her tail.  

Beth said "I do what I can to help...Bonster has harassed me for years.  I feel your pain."

Camera Face needs to make some adjustments in who plays with who again.  

Because I like my skin on my bones...

"I am innocent...innocent, I tell ya!"

Right, and it never rains in Washington State either...

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