Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bubble Beth

There is something about photographing the dogs with bubbles that busts my funny bone.

Finally,  I was able to adequately photo-document Beth's obsessive nature pertaining to bubbles. 

Bubbles to Beth are like crack to a crack-who(CENSORED)

Beth, the bubble-ho

Is there an inpatient canine facility for the treatment of Bubble addiction?  

I wonder if our insurance would cover it? 

I can identify with her out of control addiction. I have the same problem with Cheetos Twists. 

An heady lure, with the promise of ecstasy that only leaves you empty, longing, craving more... and thirsty.

Bubbles make you thirsty.  Have you ever eaten soap?  I ate plenty of soap when I was a child.  I remember my grandmother holding my head over the sink shoving soap in my mouth, scraping it against my teeth to clean out my obviously dirty mouth.  It didnt work.  I still swear like a truck driver.

Oh wait, my dad was a truck driver.  Perhaps I came by it honestly?  Well, now that I think about it my mother was the one who taught me how to correctly conjugate the word 'f*ck'.

What the f*ck was I talking about?

Oh yeah...f*cking bubbles. 

I crave Cheetos Twists, chocolate covered peanuts, everything bagels, grapes, strawberries, extra sharp cheddar cheese, Chelada's, crisp apples, wasabi chips, peanut butter cookies, baked potatoes, steamed broccoli, broasted chicken, fried asparagus, and the créme de la créme salmon sprinkled with fresh lemon juice.  

Hmmm...I think this reduced calorie diet is getting to me.  

Clearly the bubbles have gotten to Beth.

Beth's perfect day:  Raw chicken & sardine breakfast, bubble play time, nap, more bubbles, dinner: beef tripe, liver, eggs, mackerel & veggies, more bubble time, followed by a big juicy raw meaty bone for dessert. 

I think her heart would burst from happiness...

"Blow more bubbles now, or I will bite your knee caps". 

"Just sayin', my need is that strong...."

Sigh...I love that dog. 


Lynette said...

What a lovely, whimsical post to find on a sunny Friday morning! I've never tried bubbles with my dogs, but I bought some at the grocery story the other day (the other middle aged woman looking at them just laughed when I asked "who can resist bubbles?!!"), so I'm hoping to try them this weekend.

BTW, if you haven't had the broasted chicken at The Spar tavern in Tacoma, you're totally missing out. The Jojo's probably don't qualify as low-fat, but they're yummy too!

Laura Carson said...

I'm telling you... Beth is so flipping cute I can hardly stand it. I am rather partial to smooth coated dogs with cute ears. :)

Thanks for brightening my day!

Anonymous said...

Applawse applawse applawse! What a wonderful wacky story! Fabulous photos of the nutty one going bonkers over bubbles. Mom and I are smiling so big our jaws will probably lock up :D

Waggin at ya,