Wednesday, June 22, 2011

City Boy, Country Girls

We arrived at Kerry Park ahead of the film crew.  It was the perfect opportunity to shoot a few pictures of the dogs against the Seattle skyline.  

Ranger is comfortable anywhere.   In the city, country, or the couch.  

Does his head look like it is getting larger?  I forgot to mention in the post about the video shoot that Ranger relieved himself on my leg.  
Yes, he lifted his leg and peed on my pant leg and foot. 
I am worried.  Big responsibility comes with stardom.  With it great opportunity to choose the wrong path.  Ranger already has a history of being a Pot Head.  Next thing you know he will be back on pot and I will be fielding calls from Charlie Sheen. 

"I'm too sexy for my fur."

Brynn was not amused by Ranger's star treatment.  

The following picture is a perfect example of the Border Collie Stink Eye.  

It is often seen when you blow the wrong whistle causing your dog to loose the sheep.  When you serve them something hideous to eat, or when ask them to do something they find offensive.  
Brynn found the entire day offensive. 

Where are the sheep?  
You always bring me to sheep.  
I hate you.  

I cannot bear to look at you any longer. 

Bea's reaction was quite intense.  

"I just wanna go home....please?" 

"Don't make me go back.  City's suck." 


Mack and Murph said...

Oh Ranger you handsome devil you!

Mack & Murph

BorderWars said...

After Dublin aced one of his frisbee competitions, some people from the crowd came over to meet him and so I was talking up how cool of a dog he is and he just opened up on my leg, drenched my sock, filled my shoe.

I think it was dog speak for "stop stealing my thunder, I'm the athlete here, bub."

pam said...

"To sexy for my fur" and pic.

Future poster idea!!!!!!