Saturday, June 18, 2011

More Bubbles

More Bubble pictures.  Are you tired of them yet?  I'm not.  
I love bubbles and dogs.  They make me smile.

Confession:  I shot these bubble pictures back at the beginning of May.  Yes, I am that far behind in processing photos. 

"I got these...let me at them!"

Bubble slayer

She jumps...



Oh the joy! 

"I love the bubbles, the bubbles love me."

Bea, master bubble killer! 

"Hey Bonnie!  Bonnie got a bubble!"

Oh nooooo...another addict.  

"You betcha..."


Jennifer Rose said...

that is just so cute :) love the look on both of their faces

RYKER said...

We absolutely Love your bubble pictures. Wish mine turned out half as good!