Sunday, June 5, 2011


Last week my friend Jaenne' stayed with us while we ran our dogs at the Key Penninsula trial.  After a long day in the car at the trial we took the dogs over to our favorite field & pond for a chance to blow off some steam. 
While I sat on the ground shooting pictures Jaenne' threw the ball giving me the chance to shoot pictures.  The field was covered in buttercups.  The light was perfect and I was in Heaven.

There were a few close calls, since the grass was so tall the dogs came pretty close to running over the top of me a few times. 

Bea with buttercup bokeh

I have noticed as her ears have has the tongue. 

It just keeps getting longer and longer....

That is an epic tongue...

 And just for you, because I love ya....the image below is uploaded in its original size and available for you to download and use for your desktop background.  I hope you enjoy this little touch of springtime and it can make you smile like it does me. 

Jaenne's dog Mo,  in the buttercups.

Here she comes!

She is a gorgeous dog.

At the trial this last weekend Jaenne' gave her a try in open (non compete) to get her feet wet. 

Ranger was so happy to have Mo to harass.  This picture showed the first time they met in Idaho last year.  Mo did not appreciate Ranger's style of 'harassment'.  Ranger was being a pest and kept intruding into her space.  All she wanted to do was watch the sheep, but Ranger wanted her attention.  Like any smart girl she told him off.  

He finally got the message, then ran around the field like a goober. 

Ranger's leg is getting worse as the days go by.  I have been limiting his exercise & keeping his weight at a healthy level, while making sure he gets plenty of joint supplements.  His stamina is beginning to be limited by the pain, which appears to be constant & is treated by rimadryl.  Eventually, he will need surgery which $$$ scares me. 

Till then we will enjoy every moment before he sends us into bankruptcy. 

Oh yes...I was trying to be happy in this post.  Need more happy pictures!

Bea in her normal position, hanging off Brynn's neck.  It is funny...Brynn will rip the snout off any of the other dogs if they dared to attempt this.  However with Bea, she tolerates it.

I wonder when Bea's puppy license will expire? 

Beth is just happy Bonnie isnt hanging off her neck. 

Bonnie wants to know when we are going swimming?  Looks like she has already been in the water.

Come back tomorrow where you can witness the surfacing of the terrifying Water Gremlin. 

Bea says you dont' want to miss this...

It will frighten you to the core. 


Anonymous said...

Wow. Such amazing photographs as usual. Laughed at Bea's long tongue. Luved the photos of your furiend Mo in the buttercups :) Sending healing thoughts out to Ranger!

Waggin at ya,

RYKER said...

Wonderful buttercup shoot. They make such a cheerful backdrop. So sorry to here that Ranger is getting worse, start saving up now.
Bea's ears and tongue do look like they have grown a lot!
Mo is beautiful with those blue eyes of her's.

Karen said...

Love that last photo!
So sorry to read about Ranger's leg. The last I remember reading was that he was doing well with the raw food and supplements. Disappointed to read that things have gone downhill.
Poor Ranger, hope things improve.

Jaenne said...

I LOVE the first two shots of Mo! Can you send me a copy?

The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

I love my new desktop background! Thanks very much! :)

Birgit Schneidmueller said...

The last photo is priceless, so beautiful. We are sending positive energy for Ranger!
Hugs from Canada,