Monday, February 28, 2011

Little Fishies

During a hike on the Carbon River, just below the glacier at the Ranger Station the dogs found this little off shoot to the main river channel.  When we walked up on it John saw something moving beneath the crystal clear water. 

It did not take Brynn long to spot it.  Bea was right by her side watching every move. 

 We were not sure what type of fish they had found, but they were tiny little things...and fast. 

 "Fish is an important part of a raw food diet."

Thankfully we are far enough up the river it is doubtful that there are any salmon here (salmon poisoning is bad news for dogs), but the baby fishies might be steelhead or trout. 

Brynn was determined to catch her own lunch.

Determined enough to stand in freezing cold water for several minutes at a time. 

It was adorable, actually. 

She would be fishing away, then suddenly leap out of the water. 

Get back in, fish some more, leap back out. 

What I like about the water, is how nice and clean my dogs are when they are done.  Sure, sand gets stuck on them but it brushes right out and leaves behind a fresh and clean dog. 

Of course, the added bonus of a wet dog are shaking shots. 

Later we walked up a stream that tumbled down rocks in a gradual waterfall, in an old growth section of forest. 

 Moss covered everything

Bea is getting long....looooong puppy. 

(The following pictures have not been post processed - just straight out of the camera - blurry, unfocused, blown out warts and all.)

Exploring in the rocks.  The rocks covered by snow were not protected by the old growth canopy above. 

Bea stalked Brynn by climbing up on the rocks and watching her from above. 

Oddly enough, the moss covered rocks were dry - not slippery.  Bea had fun climbing and jumping between them. 

She is not afraid of heights, that is for sure.

Then they discovered the water

The water came down the hill in a long slope of falls, pools and large rocks.  

Brynn went fishing again, right on the edge of a drop off. 

She was determined to catch the little fish

You could see them darting around among the rocks

They were too fast for her

But she tried

Oh well, extra mackerel and sardines for dinner might make up for the loss of a yummy fish lunch. 



Lynn said...

Wonderful post!

However. . . I miss Ranger! No "Ranger in the Water" shots? :(

BCxFour said...

Lynn- It is hard to get the "Ranger in the water" shots anymore. I limit Ranger's time on the rocks at the river because I need to preserve his leg as long as possible - if he is at the river too much he begins to limp badly - it is just too hard on his leg. He also told me he really prefers the couch anyway.

K-Koira said...

Awesome day. I need to take my dogs up there soon for some hiking. We've been spending way too much time inside due to the weather.

And I'm sure you already know this, but trout can carry salmon poisoning too. My rule with fish is if it comes from the PNW, it will be frozen before being fed.

forensicfarmgirl said...

I'm so envious of your beautiful scenery! Old Growth forest! I have trees with no leaves, weeds, broken fences, and cows.

RYKER said...

OMG, what an absolutely beautiful area to shoot pictures. The river, moss covered rocks with snow, made the perfect backdrop for your great dogs. I especially loved the fishing shots although I bet it was much more fun in person! Your photos continue to blow me away.

Lynn said...

Awww. Poor Ranger, the big sweetie! How about some "Ranger on the Couch" shots!? :)

sagechronicles said...

What an absolutely gorgeous hike! And there all that water has Sage salivating!I just gave you an award. Come to my site to collect it!

The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

So cute!!

cheyne923 said...

I just have to thank you for the joy I get every time I look at one of your posts. Your photography is stunning and the personalities of the dogs and their relationship with you just shines through.
What talent! and what love...thanks for sharing it, I refer dog lovers to this blog all the time. Jeeves and I are in downtown Chicago so water encounters are not nearly as exciting as the wonderful hikes you have with the pups.
Melinda and Jeeves