Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rye the Red & Bea

Hiya Camera Face!  

Did you call me? 

I did, Bea.  I wanted  you to meet a new friend.  
Look over there...

He is looking at you.  

That is Rye, Monique's puppy.   Better watch out, he might get you! 

He wants to play with you.  

"Oh, h*ll no.  I do NOT do puppies!"

"You are small and you smell funny.  Why are you red?" 

"I am a big red puppy and I am gonna get you!"

"Ha ha!  That is what you think, carrot butt." 

"You cant touch this...oh oh no."  

"You dont listen very well, do you." 

"I can hear you, just igorning you.  I am a boy after all.  Boys don't listen." 

"I can run faster, eat my snow copper knob"

"Yo, Bozo, did you give up?" 

"One day when I have legs, you are gonna regret that remark." 

"Nah, one day when you are older you are gonna want me soooooo bad and like I said...YOU can't touch this."

"I dont like stupid girls."

"Except my momma. She's a smart girl.  My momma's name is Lucy." 

"Do I look like my momma?" 

"This is my daddy, his name is Don.  My momma said I have his big head." 

"But all momma's say that, cuz birthin' puppies is hard." 

"But I was worth it." 

"Red dogs are cool." 

"Red dogs have more fun." 


Lean said...

lovely stoty and cool pictures and yes red dogs are cool!

The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

Adorable! Yes, red dogs are very cool!

Monique said...

Heehee red dogs rule ;)
Great photos as always. Rye says he wants to see Bea again now that his legs are a little longer.

Jeanne said...

That was great! I love the captions. A book of the them would be terrific!