Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sand Hill Balderdash

"I am the Princess."

"I rule the sand bank." 

"I look down on my subjects.  Let them eat mud pie." 

"Oh look, there is Ranger, our village idiot."

"Bonnie, prepare to die." 

"Oh womboodles, I am outta here - I don't do conflict."

"Shazam crackers!  I am sliding to my death!"

"Stikin' fartnecks!  Whew, that was close."

"I am gonna kick her fat princess butt." 

"Beware the Village Idiot!"


We interrupt your regularly scheduled pathetic programming to tell you that this is seriously lame crap. 

Camera Face speaking.   My imagination has taken another creative hiatus.  I am unable to think of intelligent, witty things to insert between the pictures.  I am not entirely sure when my imagination will return, it may be gone forever. 

So lets pretend that the Village Idiot, scaled the castle walls.  

He struggled on his journey, almost fell to his death.  

Everyone was filled with anxiety and fear, yet our hero persevered on his ascent. 

He then kicked Bonnie's furry butt. Thereby teaching her a lesson of respect.  To which she blew a raspberry and called him yellow bellied sap sucker.  

And we smile and go on with our day.  Or shake your head and think "Camera Face shoots nice pictures but the dialog really does suck." 

Thank you for reading this drivel.   I appreciate you, I truly do.  You give my life meaning.  Without you,  all I would have is my dogs, teenagers, a passive aggressive husband,  and my camera.  The teenagers cancel out anything positive, times 40 billion squared, which leaves me swirling a vacuum of negative angst.  

My daily life is a tumultuous maelstrom of teenage induced chaos.   
Survival is questionable, heart failure likely. 

Pray for me.  Thank you.  Have a wonderful life.  Bye.  


Karen said...

There's certainly nothing wrong with your imagination!

The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

You imagination is excellent!

RYKER said...

I had to side with Bonnie on this one...she justs looks great up there!
When I saw the title Sand Hill I thought the cranes had landed. We are awaiting the arrive of the Sandhill cranes. They make the most wonderful noise!

Lynette said...

Everytime someone talks about teenage angst, I say a little prayer to my mother asking her to forgive me. I was horrible!

I have to agree that Bonnie looked regal in her position as queen of the hill. Your imagination is just fine!