Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hank & Bea

Bea met a new boy from back east last week. 

His name is Hank and he lives with Erin from Whistle Pig Place

Bea was not impressed.

"Leave me alone you clumsy woolly bear!"

"Awww come on!  You wanna play with me!  I am FUN!"

"Look what I can do!"

"Play with me!  PLEASE!"

"You are pretty.  Your ears smell good - is that sheep poop?"

"Hey!  Come BACK!  I didnt mean to hurt your feelings!"

"Leave me ALONE!  I dont play with BOYS!!!!"

"I will play with you if you can catch me!"

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!  Gotcha!"

"No you dont!  I will bite your nose!"

"Beware of Flying DOG!"

"What is that?  Are you having a seizure?"


"Ninja puppy meet my teeth!"

"Ninja Puppy STRIKES a blow!!"

"Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  And she goes down!"

"I am NOT playing with you anymore!  JERK!"

 "I am sowwwy"

 "I didnt mean to scare you.  Forgive me paweeeze?"

 (In honor of the upcomingValentines day I overlayed a pretty multi-colored bokeh case you are wondering.)

"Okay! Come and get me!"

"Oh, maybe not!"

"Changed my mind!  GET OFF ME YOU FREAKAZOID!"

"I dont think she wants to play with me anymore..."

"Bea rules, Hank's a fool!"

"You just wait, Miss snotty Bea.  One day you will think I am pretty cool and then I will ignore you!"

The preceding lame text & crazy post processing can be blamed on the 24 oz Chelada I just finished guzzling.  Yummmo. 


The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

Wonderful shots! Hank is gorgous! Enjoyed this post very much!

Lynn said...

Wonderful post! My favorite caption? "Look what I can do!" That had me laughing out loud! Thanks!!

That Bea's a bit fickle! LOL Just like most of us when we were young girls, when we couldn't decide if we liked a boy or hated him! :)

Karen said...

Oh very cute!
Poor Bea looks very overwhelmed to start with, and then sort of starts to come around....
But that Hank, he's just so, well, overwhelming:)!

RYKER said...

That hank is very outgoing! He can come and play with me anytime!
Beas eyebrows give her the cutest expression!

Debra Kay said...

Sooo cute!

Jennifer Rose said...

awww those were great photos :)

Amy said...

Hank is simply stunning! Hopefully Bea gained more confidence later in the play session.

Anonymous said...

Oh that was fun! I don't know Bea, I think Hank's a pretty cool crazy kind of guy ;)

Waggin at ya,

The Thundering Herd said...

Oh, my, cuteness overload. Loving puppy pictures.

Erin O said...

Hank the ninja! These is a great sequence. He was trying SOOO hard to get her to play with him. Thank you so much for taking his picture.

Amanda said...

that's adorable. Bea seems so suspicious of her new friend!