Friday, February 25, 2011

White Sheep, Black Sheep

I am always photographing black and white dogs. 

What about the sheep? 

White Sheep - did you know that sheep have incredibility long eye lashes? 

Black Sheep - every family has one.  In my case, it was me.  I embraced my black sheep status and carried it with me into adulthood where I have nurtured it with abandon. I am at one with black sheep everywhere. 

I loved the reflection of the fence in the black sheep's eye.  Very cool. 

Both of the above photographs make unique desktop backgrounds.  Please feel free to click on them to enlarge then right click to save to your computer as a desktop background. 



Hillbilly Betty said...

Oh, that is a GREAT idea! Now the hard part is to decide which one to use!

heartsong said...

Great idea! and just put the white one on my desktop. Thanks for sharing!

forensicfarmgirl said...

Yin & Yang! Love it!