Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Water Bea & the Eagle

We are back to splitting the dogs up for runs & walks because Bea has decided herding the other dogs is fun.  It is entertaining to watch, cute to photograph...but a bad habit I need to prevent from being permanently established.  Time to nip it in the bud now.  

That means - no more pictures of Bea doing this.  Not until she meets sheep.

I also need to prevent Bea from being hit by the other dogs.  Ranger is a careless oaf and regularly slams into dogs that get in his way.  Bonnie, means well, but is a maniac.  Beth only sees the ball, or whatever else she is determined to chase.  I have risked too much allowing Bea to be on the ground while they are playing.  

It is Bea & Brynn from here on out. 

"YES!  No more sharing the ball!" 

Uh, no...sorry Brynn.  No more ball either.  

"That seriously sucks."

I am sorry Brynn, but when you chase the ball, Bea chases you.  Instead we will have nice liesurely walks where Camera Face actually has walk.  Standing in one place using a chuck-it does not encourage Camera Face to get exercise.  This is a win/win for all of us!  

"You are really going to...like....WALK?"

It is time to introduce little Miss Bea to the river! 

"What's a river?"

Bea, you are standing in the Carbon River right now. 

"Oooohhhh water!"

"It is like a giant water bowl I can empty!"

Splash splash splash

Don't go too deep! I dont want to fish you out of the bay.  

Delightful water teeming with unfamiliar scents

"What's that?"

Uh oh!  Bea....Brynn, come here!  Stay close.  

That is a juvenile bald eagle.  He is just beginning to get his white head and he is watching us! 

"Hello Bea.  If you were smaller I might consider you for my next meal.".  

"Does he want to eat me?"

No, he doesn't.  There are plenty of fish in the river & other small furry animals like Chihuahua's and kitty cats for him to eat.

"Eagles don't eat border collie puppies?"

Only the naughty ones.  

"I am a good puppy."

Yes, you are.  The best puppy in the whole world. 


Anonymous said...

Wow! Terrific walk and superb photos as usual :D Great job on capturing the juvenile bald eagle! Fabulous! Bea's looking wonderful :)

Waggin at ya,

The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

Bea is so sweet!

Hillbilly Betty said...

"Only the naughty ones." That line made my morning!

Deborah said...

What a nice way to start my morning! Hugs to Bea!

Karen said...

That face....!:)
There are a lot of eagles hanging around here too.
Apparently some of the salmon runs were almost non-existent so the eagles are having to scrounge for food wherever they can. Haven't lost any chickens to them yet...(keeping fingers crossed)

RYKER said...

Great photos! Bea is getting tall. I love that lanky stage she is coming into. She certainly looks like a perfect puppy.

Jennifer Rose said...

i love that floppy ear :D

Lana said...

love the pics very cool

The Thundering Herd said...

Terrific pictures of the eagle - and the cutest puppy, Bea!