Monday, February 14, 2011

Queen Fisher

"THROW SOMETHING!"  Bonnie screams

Sorry Bonnie, we don't play with balls anymore.  At least not when we have the puppy with us.  She tries to chase you & may get hurt.  

"I don't care, if I stare at Dad long enough a ball might suddenly appear."

Nope, sorry....we are not going to throw anything. 

 "Since you wont play with me, I am going fishing ALONE."

"Fishing? Can I go too?"

"Where's the fish?"

"Bea you have to do this."

"And then .....mlbtwp gurgle gurgle  gurgle guuuurrrglllle..."


"It is HUGE!"

"Aauggghhh water in myyyyy eaaaaarrrrssssss!"

"Where's my fish?  IT ESCAPED!"

"Got another one!"

"No stick fish can get away from me!"

"Don't mess with this stick fisher collie."

"UGH!  Gotta get the water outta my ears!"

"I saw you eye-balling my stick-fish.  Don't even think about it!"

"I can see you watching me Miss Bea, the favorite puppy."

"Covet my stick all you want, but you aren't getting your teeth on it!"

"I don't want your stupid ole stick fish."

"Scary Bonnie, a big fat hag, can't fit her head in a kibble bag"

"What did you say?"

"Nuttin...I said nuttin."
"Can we go home now?"

Don't worry Beaster.  Bonnie only looks scary, she is too fat to catch you. 

"Listen Camera Face, are you seriously calling me fat?  Yo, lard butt... my body mass index is significantly lower than yours, thus, your hind end is a much larger target for my teeth."

(No sticks, fish, lard butts or puppies were hard during the making of this blog post). 


gvmama said...

What a GREAT Valentine LAUGH. Oh Please let Bea's ears stay just like that. i LOVE them! :0)

The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

Ha ha ha! Go Bonnie! Those sticks are hard to catch!

RYKER said...

Oh, too funny! Little Bea makes the cutest faces and those ears! I saw a puppy at the dog park that reminded me of her and her ears. I will post the photos some time this week and see what you think.