Friday, July 2, 2010

Trial Pictures

These are a compilation of pictures I shot at the last few trials..some good, some not.  

I am not sure who many of the dogs belong to, please post in comments if you know who they are.  I tried to think of something clever for this post but it made my brain hurt too much, thus I gave up.

View from the post.  (shot through the fence - hence the blur).  I liked this shot a lot.  I believe this is Fran M. Please correct me if I am wrong? 

Oh boy,  Speedy Gonzales is on the field. (I have no idea who this dog belongs too.  Any ideas?)

This is not looking good...

DQ?  What do you think? 

The expression the dog's face says it all.  "Oops, I think I made a boo boo"

Sue MacDonald's Jackie on the fetch

Jackie is such a pretty dog.  Very unique mask. 

These were shot at the Memorial Day trial at the MacDonalds farm, Ewesful Acres

Wee bit wet, rounding the post. 

Jackie at the pen

All done, happy dog.

Diane Pagel's Tess, shot while Janet Thorpe was running her in Pro Novice. 

Dianne & Tess

Tess, selective color processing.  I love her serious intent look.

Janet Thorp with Scott at the pen

Scott flanking at the pen

Vicki at the post, Blitz on the fetch

Blitz hydroplanes while trying to turn a wayward ewe
Jorgen watches while holding one of Noelle's pups. 

Skye watches Vicki and waits to be sent on her outrun. 

Vicki at the pen with Skye


This is what it is all about...

Jeanne's Rocky waiting for his run

That's all folks...till next time.  


RYKER said...

Fabulous Photos! And what great fun. The dogs are so intense and focused.

Ruth said...

What a great day! Jackie is beautiful, in fact all of the dogs are. That dog doing the biting is very funny and cute!

2halves said...

Love the closeup of Tess. Beautiful shot!

Lynn said...

I LOVE the first photo (close-up) of Skye. Gorgeous!!

julie said...

In love with Skye!

And my verification word is aphopuno. :)