Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Home At Last

It is me, Brynn.


We are home from our Road Trip to Idaho and Athena Sheepdog Trial.

Mom has so much to tell you.  She took about a million pictures and it now overwhelmed with processing them.

When we were in Idaho we worked sheep a lot.  We also moved a  bunch of furniture and stuff while helping Dianne Deal move into her new place.  We were stuck in a kennel while they had fun lifting heavy stuff and all.  Dianne has a great new place that is perfect for dogs and sheep.  The house is pretty nice too.  Mom is mucho jealous.

One afternoon Jodi and Mom drove us up to Silver City, Idaho to visit the ghost town.  It was exciting.  They took a bunch of pictures of the buildings and stuff....but got a little carried away taking pictures of us dogs playing in the creek.  We had a very nice picnic up there too before we went back down the mountain.  Mom will share that story later in the week.

The big news is Beth and I did really good this weekend at the Sheepdog Trial in Athena Oregon.  It is put on each year during the Caledonia Games.  They run Open, Pro-Novice and Novice.  The Novice course is different than we run in Western Washington.  It includes one leg of the drive too.

Guess what?

Look what Beth won!

Beth had the highest combined score over both days and placed high in trial for Novice/Novice winning first place and a very pretty hand made bowl that has a border collie and sheep on it.

I won something too.

I got second place for the second highest combined score for the weekend.   I got a pretty red ribbon.

Mom is very very very proud of us.  But she is not very proud of herself.  She said she behaved like a idiot. 

She said her ego got in the way and she did bad stuff when she was running me and feels terrible about it.  She yelled a lot and didn't help me like she should have.  She has learned a couple valuable lessons she will share with you later once she gets her head wrapped around what to say.

Till then, we are so happy to be home.


The Sprollies 'n Border Collies said...

That is one beautiful picture of Brynn! So cute! You did so well! 1st and 2nd place! Well done!

Emma Rose said...

Wow! Excellent job :) Congrats to all of you!!!

Lean said...

Congrats you 2 great job.

Karen said...

Congrats to all! Wow!
Don't be so hard on yourself Carolynn, you couldn't have been that bad for your dogs to get first and second place:)
And those are lovely ribbons, I like the tartan bits, and what lovely bowls too:)

Tonie said...

You are my HERO! You are an amazing woman and I think you and the dogs will have a happy life in this sport. I cannot wait to be at your level.

The Thundering Herd said...

Congratulations on the ribbons! We can always get better - and be critical of ourselves to improve - but I think you couldn't have been as bad as you say, or you would never have those ribbons.

Diana said...

WhooHoo, Congrats!!!! Diana

Jeanne said...

Way to go, Carolyn! Congratulations on such a fun and successful road trip. You and the "B" girls are sure catching your stride and it's great fun to get to celebrate your success. Onward ever!!

Marianne (aka Lucy's Human) said...

Hi ya guys-

Just wanted to tell you congrats on your awards... I'm gonna tell my hooman I want one of dos! You're all so pretty!

Wiggles & Giggles,
Lucy Lou

RYKER said...

Congratulations and welcome home!
Goooo Sheepdogs!!!