Friday, July 30, 2010

John & Bonnie

Things have been a changin' round here since John joined me on the bread line.  Now that he is an unemployed slacker like me,  I can't use the excuse that he is too busy to work a dog. 

John would like to do herding as a hobby;  however, he is not obsessed with it... like me.  Since Bonnie is never going to make a serious trial dog & John just wants to have fun - they are a perfect match.  

When I went to Idaho and left John here with Ranger and Bonnie - they bonded.  She has started following him around the house instead of me. 

Bonnie has been maturing FINALLY.   Thank doG...I was wondering if she was going to stay a puppy forever.

She is taking pressure better and giving the sheep more space.  John and Bonnie even took a lesson with Dianne when she was here last weekend. 

What used to be a uncontrolled run, has slowed to a somewhat thoughtful pace.

She listens to flanks now & actually takes them.  We worked hard on a 'get back' command.  She takes that too. 

Out runs are still difficult for her.  She is happiest driving.

She would drive the sheep all over the field if I let her.

But it isn't me anymore - it is John working her.

I miss her....almost

Okay...wait a minute here.  Do I really miss her? 

It isn't like she is going anywhere - she still sleeps next to my bed every night.

I can enjoy taking pictures while John works her.

He gets to deal with her tackling and somersaulting sheep when the Freckled Monster makes an appearance

Not that it happens very much anymore.

Most importantly she wants to work for him.

She will run her little legs off.

Hopefully shave off a few pounds too.

Maybe I need to be running behind the sheep a bit - doG knows I need to lose weight too.

Although...if my husband ever blew a whistle at me...lets just say the whistle and he would meet an uncomfortable end.


Diane said...

We LOVED meeting all of your dogs, but I think I liked Bonnie best :)
Must be the Aussie in her!!
Beautiful pictures, as always.

WannabeVirginia W. said...

I agree with Diane. Bonnie is also my favourite.

RYKER said...

Nice team work. Keep at it you two!

Bordershot said...

Wonderful! I never get tired visiting your blog!
Love it!

Lynn said...

Ranger is my favorite! Bet you already knew that! ;)

Enough "sheep" posts! (jk)

More Ranger!
Ranger! Ranger! Ranger!