Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ranger Reviews the KONG Rocket

The KONG Company sent us some products for free if Camera Face did a review of them on the blog.  Since she is an unemployed slacker we take anything free we can get our hands on.

Camera Face is trying to figure out how to get Canon to give us free stuff too.  Canon camera equipment is the most sought after thing in our house.  Camera Face's eyes get all glazed over whenever she looks at the lenses from Canon - like a crack addict at a plumber convention.  I look at her with a sad sad face because she has really missed the ball on this.

To me the best things in the world are a ball and frisbee.

I love the KONG SqueakAir balls.  They are my favorite. 

The KONG Rocket came with two SqueakAir balls.  One big one and one small one.

We thought it was very cool that this launcher fits multiple ball sizes. Which does not lock you into using only KONG balls.  You could use King Kong size balls too.  But the launcher may not be able to handle their weight.  And King Kong may want them back...which would be scary.

As you can see the KONG Rocket is easily adjustable to fit multiple ball sizes.  That little purple doohickey moves up and down to hold different size balls. 

Easy to adjust and load

Easy to throw

Easy to catch

And fun to run around like a freak squeaking the ball.  No one will loose me in the woods.  They can follow the mad SqueakAir dog.

The girls really liked the bigger SqueakAir ball.

Beth really likes big balls. 

She loved biting it and hearing the squeeeeeeeeak!

She went a little wacko over the big SqueakAir ball.

We have come to expect this sort of behavior from Beth.

Brynn liked the SqueakAir balls.  The larger sized ball was easier to catch.  

Unless you were Beth.

Sometimes the ball bounced off our heads.

Then Super Ranger would swoop in and save the ball...

...and race around squeaking and squeaking and squeaking and squeaking and squeaking and squeaking and squeaking and squeaking....

What did we think of the KONG Rocket?

Good Points:  We all loved the different sized SqueakAir balls and the ease which the launcher adjusted to accommodate non KONG brand balls.   The KONG SqueakAir balls are durable and withstood 4 dogs squeaking them well.  The larger ball is easier to find in tall grass than the smaller one.  It is also easier to catch and more fun to squeak.  Dad said the Rocket was easy to use and adjust for different sized balls. Excellent toy for use in a smaller yard - where distance is not an object.

Not So Good Points:  Is not meant for throwing a long distance.  The furthest Dad could throw this was about 50 feet. You can see from the picture below how far Dad was able to launch the balls.  It would throw them quite high in the air, but a shorter distance than we were used to from another popular tennis ball launcher.    

Final Score:  3 out of 4 tails up. Deduction for distance launcher is able to throw.


Lean said...

hihihi great work doggy's love your pictures looks like fun your test!!

Kira The BeaWootiful said...

Wooos! "she really missed the ball on this" He,he he.....

I totally understand squeaky, usqueaky, squeaky squeaky..... Mom will not buy balls that squeak fur that reason, as Scampi never stops squeaky, squeaky, squeaky.....
~husky kisses~
-Kira The BeaWootiful

Paws on the Run said...

That first picture of Ranger squeaking the ball is HILARIOUS!

MurphyDog said...

Oh boy! Im definitely gonna hafta beg Mom to get me one of those. I love love love squeakers!!

Mom says lately she's been reading on multiple bloggies about doggies receiving free products to review. She's wondering how to get in on that? Great Danes are most excellent reviewers!!

wags, wiggles & slobbers

Diana said...

My dog loves those little squeaker balls. But unlike you dogs, she gets the squeaker out quickly. She will either squeak it until the thing breaks , usually less than 5 min., or she will pull back the green tennis ball stuff and actully pull the squeaker out. But she loves them, so always seem to buy more. Diana

BCxFour said...

MurphyDog -

How do we get contacted to do reviews? I have made sure my email address is visible on my blog & easy to find. Publicists and Marketing professionals scan blogs that target the right market they have a product for, then contact the blogger and ask them to review the products. The key is to make sure your email address is easy to find. Of course you need to put up with the spam that comes with it...which can be a head ache - which is why I make sure I do not use my personal email. Make one up just for your blog.

Hope that helps!

Jeanne said...

I don't think I can choose a favorite picture in this batch. What pure FUN. Good job on the review, too. Canon should hunt you down and give you carte blance to everything they make!! Keep the pics coming, Camera Face!

Ruth said...

What fun!

A J Mayhem said...

Great review.
Nothing tells the story like pictures do, and man those are some incredible ones.
I need your camera.

As far as launching tennis balls, I get some really good distance hitting balls with a tennis racket.

Kathy said...

GREAT review!! My BC are real kong squeeker ball fans, we love those but they get slobbery and then in the desert dirt they get this real nice thick coat of dirt and look like mudd balls, very appealing to grab at that point! The dogs favorites are the kong squeeker balls but I usually make them use the rubber balls outside so that I can wash them when they come in the house so they dont grind down their teeth, but sound like those balls would work with the luancher too. --Kathy with bc Breeze/Liz/and Cricket