Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Canal Walk Puppy Lust

When I was in Idaho I had the pleasure of staying with Jodi at Knotty Pine Ranch. 

I love her adorable little house.  The piece of property she lives on backs right up against a large canal.  The canal is banked by a wonderful pathway perfect for walks and swimming for the dogs on a hot summer day.

One afternoon while Jodi was at work I had the bright idea to take Beth and Brynn for a walk.  It was very hot.  I brought along the chuck-it to toss a few balls - Brynn enjoyed the chance to dive in the water and do a little swimming. 

The bank of the canal is quite steep...  It is also rather deep, fast running water.

I guess I tossed the ball a bit too far.  The dogs couldn't find it.  It was the only ball I had with me.  I tried to get them to see it by throwing rocks at it while it moved at a steady clip down the canal.  I ran ahead of it and saw it coming closer to the bank. 

I thought to myself...I can just lean over here a little bit and hook it with the chuck-it...hopefully reach down and scoop it out.

I tried...

You know when you are disturbed from sleep with the feeling of falling?   Suddenly it feels like the entire world has been swooped out from under you and you are free falling through the is rather unpleasant.

I felt that way right before my face hit the water.  The bank I was standing on gave way.   The full belly flop into the water came as a surprise.    Suddenly I was under, I couldn't breath...fighting for my very survival.  The deep swift water required frantic swimming.  The dogs were no help.  I lost the ball.

My life flashed before my eyes. 

Then I stood up.

Dammit, I lost a shoe.  I left a wet trail in the dirt as I limped back to the house.  Thank goodness I did not have my camera with me (the pictures above were taken at another time).

Later in the afternoon Jodi twisted my arm up behind my back, threatened to beat me with a metal fence post if I didn't go for another walk along the canal.  I cried out in fear, explained  I had a sudden and intense dislike of the rapidly flowing water...that oddly enough tasted like metal.  She raised the fence post over her head I relented.  I put on my remaining shoe and limped out into the cheat grass with her and the dogs.

Awww look at that adorable puppy!

It was then I decided I wanted Reese.

 Who is Reese, you ask?

This is Reese.

She is an adorable little 4 month old puppy with ears and feet too big for her body right now. 

Oh my doG.  The most adorable wet puppy in the world!

"Did I hear someone say CUTE?"

"Yes Reese, you are the cutest wet puppy.  Tonight I am going to wait till you dry off, stuff you into my luggage and steal out of here in the dead of night. Shhhh don't tell Jodi."

"What did you say?"

"Uhh...hello?  As her mother I might have something to say about that!"

I am sorry Echo, may I please take your last remaining puppy with me when I go?

She thought about it for a minute.  Then said...

"Why yes, you can have her. She is a pain in the ass.  Take her...BE GONE!!"

Then she turned her nose and walked away.  Swishing her nearly bald tail in the air.  I could hear her muttering about all the fur she lost after the puppies were born...she said it was all over the stress of Reese. 

"Did you say you were going to take that annoying puppy?"

"Yes, Zip...would that be okay?"

"Yes, please TAKE HER!  Are you going to throw that Frisbee now?"

Reese asks Beth "Will you be my mommy now?"

I cringed a little, waiting for Beth to take her head off - like she does to any other puppies that dare to touch her.

What is this?  What do I see here?  It must be FATE!  Beth really likes her!

Oh, my heart is going to burst!  A happy family!  Look at joyful.

Reese decided she liked her new sisters.  She ran her little legs off trying to keep up with them.

"Wait for me Brynn!  Wait for me!"  I could hear Reese crying out.

"WAIT!  I cant run that fast!"

I was sad to see Brynn didnt slow down and wait for her new little sister. 

Beth did.

Then I heard Beth mutter "Back off brat...don't get in my way!"

 Reese was sad

I called Brynn over to my side.  It was time to have a family conference. 

" do you feel about taking Reese home with us?  She will fit right in with our pack."

Brynn turned her back on me and walked away.  "Brynn...where are you going?  What is wrong?"

The words that came from her mouth next stunned me into silence.

"You even think about bringing that brat home with us I am staying here."

I knew I could get them to see my way.  Just deprive them of a few chicken backs and necks - the hunger will force them to accept her.  I began to plot my escape with Reese.

Then I turned around and saw Jodi holding that fence post again.  She asked me if I was planning on stealing her puppy?

"This is such a lovely canal you have here pretty... perfect for swimming."

She dropped the fence post and I breathed a defeated sigh of puppy for me this time. 

Apparently the puppy Gods are against me.  That and a scary woman with a fence post.


RYKER said...

Ahhh, she is just adorable. I want her too!

The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

That is such a cute puppy... so adorable! Reece is a really nice name, too. Sorry you fell in the water, that would be scary, because all I can do is swim to the bottom. And stay there. At least you were able to stand up!

Anonymous said...

What an adventure y'all had! Lost ball, "life threatening" fall in the water, family drama...Wow!

I'm still smiling,

Karen said...

But I'll bet that cool water felt good, hasn't it been really hot there?:) Glad everything turned out okay, other than your missing shoe, and thang dawG you didn't have your camera hanging around your neck.
Oh I love that gangly goofy adolescent stage of puppies, and those are some seriously big legs and feet little Reese has to grow into:)
Jake is our go to dog when there is a toy that needs 'saving' from the water, and we do the rock throwing thing too to get him to see it.

The Thundering Herd said...

Reece is totally cute. I would probably have tried a puppy snatching myself.

Sorry about the water event.

Bandit's Pack said...

Reese is super cute, and I loved the story.