Saturday, July 3, 2010

Going to Idaho!

Today Beth, Brynn and I are leaving for a week or two in Idaho.   Bonnie and Ranger are staying at home with John and the kids.

I love the drive to Idaho. 

One of my favorite places to stop is at a rest area on I-84 above Pendelton in the Blue Mountains.  If you pull into the rest area, then drive to the field behind....this awaits. 

A field of wild flowers perfect for off leash play.  Well, as long as your dog has a solid recall - then it is perfect.  

After hours spent as co-pilot a good run is in order. 

What can be better than to play in a field of wild flowers

Not that the dogs care, but directly behind the rest area you can still find the ruts left behind by the wagons on the Oregon Trail. 

Dogs don't give a hoot about our Pioneer forefathers...their only concern is the frisbee

I stand at the top of this hill looking down and imagine traversing this incredible country in a covered wagon.  The hardship, pain, loss and challenges each pioneer experienced.  The months and months of hard travel - that we fly and drive our cars over today... taking each mile for granted.  How difficult it was to climb these hills, then safely come down the other side. 

I try to remember them and think about their journey as I stand on this hill and say a prayer or two of  thanks for their sacrifices.   

All the dogs are thinking is "Are you gonna throw that thing again?"

Of course I am going to throw it again.  Who could resist that face?

I sure can't.  Brynn in the wildflowers. 

Across the highway and east a few miles is the scenic view of Deadman Pass.  July 12, 1878 four freighters were killed in the Bannock War,  ever since this area has been called Deadman Pass.

The last trip to Idaho Brynn enjoyed playing at the view point - which was deserted.  

I enjoyed taking pictures of her exploring. 

The view is incredible

Why is there always a dog in my landscape shots? 

Who put that dog there? 

Awww.....I cant help it. 

We photograph what we love.

I am are signed up to run Beth and Brynn at the Caledonia Trial in Athena, OR next weekend. 

This week we are going to work dogs, eat, work dogs, drink, work dogs, eat and drink and maybe work dogs some more.  I am going to be staying with Jodi Darling at her place Knotty Pine Ranch

I have schedule several posts to pop up on the blog throughout the week.  Because I am taking a vacation from blogging too. 

No kids.  No Husband.  Good Friends, Good Dogs and Plentiful Alcohol.  Yep...Heaven. 


Ruth said...

Oh I hope you have fun! In fact, how could you not have fun? Dogs, sheep and food... mmm. Thanks for not leaving us out and giving us some posts for the week. Brynn is beautiful, adorable and downright cute! Have a nice holiday.

Jeanne said...

Wow Carolyn. Beautiful post. I'm getting inspired to learn more than point and shoot photography! I, too, love the drive to Idaho. How do you go to get to that rest stop?
Have a ball, say hi to Jodi. Best of luck trialing!