Thursday, April 22, 2010

Puppy Play Date

Last week Vicki and I stopped by Cindy's house to see the new puppy.

Remember him?  I was going to steal him, but Cindy scared me out of it.  She said she was going to skin me alive and make a lamp shade from my hide - if I didn't bring him home.  So, out of fear of taxidermy John and I picked the puppy up from Dianne Deal and delivered him to our violent 'friend' Cindy.  

Mr puppy is from Dianne's Bett & Riggs (click on their names for information on each). 

Cindy named him Briggs, in honor of his parents B-for Bett and Riggs for...well, you know...Riggs. 

Meet Briggs. 

Briggs is a determined little guy and ahhh so adorable.  

We are going to watch Briggs grow up with Vicki's puppy Jynx. 

Jynx and Briggs meet for the first time

"Hi, my name is Jynx."

Wanna play? 

"I am a big tough boy puppy!  I will kick your furry girl butt!"

"Dont think so!  I will lay on your head!"

Girls Rule, Boys Drool! 


"Ha ha!  Got away!"

Brynn checks on the puppy

Doodle keeps watch over them.

Briggs stands up to Jynx. 


 Watching the big dogs

 My what big teeth you have Jynx

What are you?  A border collie or alligator?

Pooped puppy

Sneak attack! 

Settling down

New best friends


Pat A said...

Wonderful pup pix and I love pup pix. It is so great how pups immediately are accepting so can enjoy life more. Watching their fun, what could be more enjoyable.

Tonie said...

How cute they are. I am never going to stop telling you what fantastic pictures you take!

Lynn said...

These are some of your best photos! I really enjoyed scrolling through the "play date"! Almost as much as looking at a Ranger montage!

Diana said...

ok, dont post anymore of these. The whole time my daughter is saying, "awww,they're so cute. We need to get a puppy. Dont you want a puppy? Awww." LoL Diana

manymuddypaws said...

So Cute!!!!

Karen said...

Oh my, what cute puppies. My next dog may just have to be a puppy.....

livin life said...

I think I NEED that puppy! LOVE that last picture!!! Deep sigh.....

The Border Collies said...

That Briggs puppy has some VERY big shoes to fill. My Briggs was one of a kind.