Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Olympia Animal Services

I was invited to Olympia Animal Services shelter in Lacey, WA to take pictures of the animals. 

The kitties were first up.  I started with two office kitties.  This guy was laying in the "in-box" next to the computer monitor.  His eyes hypnotize me. 

Then there was this guy.  I cant remember his name...I think it was Carl?  Such a ham. 

He posed for me so nicely.

I was seriously thinking about stuffing him into my camera bag and taking him home. 

Then I saw this lovely young man. 

My stars...what a handsome boy. 

I didnt think my chances of stuffing two kitties in my camera bag were that good.   I knew I had to find another plan when I saw this dapper young kitty. 

Oh my...another one. 

I want them all....

Meet Banjo, a lovely Goffin Cockatoo.  I was totally smitten. 

For some reason Banjo liked me too.  He hopped up onto my camera and ran up my arm, where he played in my hair.  That was the end of me. 

Stick me with a fork...I am done. 

Now that I was adopting 26 cats and a cockatoo, it was time for the dogs. 

doG help me....WANT!

Such a gentle spirit.  

Then we had comic relief with this energetic Jack Russell mix.

What a hyper, bouncy, wacknut!   I was in love, again.  

Could you imagine him with Ranger?  Call the coroner, I would die. 

This lovely little senior spaniel wormed her way into my heart. 

Such a quiet soul. 

Please adopt her.

I was ready to add a Rottweiler to our pack too, when I met this wonderful lady.  Look at that face!

Immediately go to your shelter and adopt someone.  They all deserve homes. 

Whatcha waiting for?  GO NOW!  

He is waiting for you too...

Every shape, size, age...

Just waiting for you to take them home, so they can love you for the rest of their life. 

Thank you for thinking of rescue FIRST! 

If you would like to see more pictures from this shoot please click below

Olympia Animal Services Slideshow on Flickr

To view animals available for adoption at this shelter please visit their listing on Pet Finder.

Olympia Animal Services


Waylon Aussies said...

Great shots! I hope they all find forever homes. The black tri (Aussie? BC?) near the bottom is a dead ringer for my first Aussie, Jack, who was a rescue. He was sprung from the shelter in Spokane. Boy, if I were closer, I'd have to go check that dude out!

Diana said...

Great shots! They are all beautiful! Diana

Paws on the Run said...

It is so hard not to come home with someone. My husband has tried to ban me from going because I always call and ask if we couldn't PLEASE just rescue one more. :)

Emma Rose said...

Wish we had room for more. Seriously Carolynn, your photographs are breathtaking! YOU HAVE THE GIFT! I am so freaking jealous :)

Awesome post.

heartsong said...

If those photos don't get them adopted, I don't know what will--they are wonderful! Good work!

Diane said...

I looked at the Petfinder page, and couldn't seem to find all of those dogs....are you SURE you didn't take them all home?
Wonderful pictures!!

BCxFour said...

Diane - I did the photo shoot a couple of weeks ago, the pictures are for the shelter to use in publications and other promotional material. The only one I could find that is still at the shelter is the hound dog. I am praying the rest of them were all adopted!

Pat A said...

Those photo's left tears in my eyes. The poor cats, so many of them are euthanized as there are more stray cats than stray dogs.

I only can do what I can do but wish it was more.
When I was doing shelter checks for dog breeds etc, I stayed our of the cat rooms.

Tonie said...

You have a wonderful talent taking pictures and telling stories. Thanks for sharing them with us.

mommachi said...

If you have a chance, get Carolynn to photograph your pets! Not only are the pictures fantastic, the animals love her, so it makes for a wonderful experience for all! We're so glad she came to take pictures of our animals and can't wait for her next visit.

Lean said...

Wauw great pictures you made i hope they found a new home...or going to be.

Pat A said...

All the Australian shepherds were adopted and returned to the shelter right away and now are only in the back. Contact them if you know of anyone interested in an Aussie that understands herding breeds.

mommachi said...

The black tri Aussie in these pictures was adopted and in his new home doing great.

The red Aussie in these pictures was adopted with his black tri sister and returned the next day. They are being held in the back until we can get them into rescue or a home will more dog experience.

If you have questions about them, please email me at cmincher@gmail.com. I work at Animal Services and would be happy to answer any questions about the sweet siblings!