Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Meet Islay.  Islay was adopted from PNW Border Collie Rescue.

She looks familiar...especially around the eyes!

Yep, it is the eyes, the nose...and my doG...check out those ears!

Islay is Brynn's litter mate.  Islay was formerly known as Tawna.  (click on her name to see her original bio on the rescue website).  Islay is pronounced   'I - La'

Islay was a very cute little puppy.

 Just like Brynn

We met Islay and her mom last week at Brigands.  Islay is taking lessons with Dianne Deal too.  

Islay was not too thrilled to be close to a dog she did not know well.  They may have been litter mates, sadly Islay didn't care for Brynn.  Perhaps it is something genetic as Brynn can be a little spooky too.

I was disappointed - somewhere in my little brain I was hoping they would run into each others open paws and hug doggie style.  The only hugging Islay wanted to do was with her teeth, much to her mom's frustration. 

They were a bit better off leash.  Islay is taller than Brynn.

But the face, wow.  You can certainly tell they are related.

We enjoyed meeting Islay and her mom.  We are looking forward to seeing them again in May when they come up for lessons with Dianne Deal in Roy, WA.  

Hopefully I can get some better pictures then.


Sweetpea said...

How interesting - and how great is that to have met a littermate?! I luv how Brynn has a white left leg and Islay has a black left leg. They don't look like they're feel'in toooo much sisterhood quite yet. Isn't it amazing how dogs speak their own language whether we like it or not...

I rarely see a name like "Islay" or anything similar. I have a dog named "Isla." She is 3/4 collie (no border collie), is a tri-color and on the small side...and she can be spooky, too.

Karen said...

What fun to be able to meet one of your dog's siblings!

The Thundering Herd said...

Would be interesting to meet any of The Herd's littermates. However, we would never know it if we did since they were all (except Natasha) adopted as adults and without papers. We have joked that Cheoah and Ruby must be sisters, but that is only a guess.

Emma Rose said...

The ears! Oh my gosh! They are identical. She's a beauty, just like Brynn.
And "better pictures"??? LOL. Can't be done.

Greenhill Farm said...

I was the same as you when I met Kim (who came to live with us the same day!).

I expected Sheila and Kim to be friends, run after balls and play, but then they started fighting with eachother. I suppose seven months apart does make a difference! They get on much better now though.

It's always great to meet a litter mate!

Pat A said...

Love the pix, the ears sure say a lot.
Of course I plan on snagging a copy of each for the dog's albums.

Lynn said...

Beautiful girls!