Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Feed Me Cheese Please

I have a terrible habit.

I like to snack in the evenings while watching TV.   Go figure.

I really enjoy extra sharp cheddar cheese and rye-krisp crackers with strawberries.  Yum!

The dogs know me too well.  The minute the fridge door opens and they hear me pull out the cutting board, they are there.

All the dogs have figured out they will get more cheese from mom if they lay down and don't harass me.  They are the smart ones.

This is Ranger's favorite form of entertainment.  Watching my plate. 

"Hi ya Camera Face."

"Is that cheese you have there Camera Face?"

"Looks yummy."

"I can haz cheese please?"  (notice the tongue sticking out of his mouth?)

Get BACK Ranger!  BEHAVE!

"Who me?  Cheese Please!"

Lie Down!

"I put my head in your lap...you cant resist the cute"

"I will hypnotize you with my intense border collie stare."

"Resistance is FUTILE!  You will be cheese-similated!"

"HA!  Works every time." 

Bad Dog!

I should just give him my whole plate when I sit down.  Who needs the extra calories anyway? 


Waylon Aussies said...

What a great series of photos! Ranger has the same patience and tact as my (2 legged) three year old. They know how to get what they want when they want it!

Kamie said...

This series is great!He is very patient isn't he?

Lean said...

Hungry eyes ....he needs FOOD!!!!!
bye bye,Lean.

An English Shepherd said...

Great pics. I love cheese, well actually I love any food ;-)

Wizz :-)

Monique said...

LOL - I *love* the "Lie Down!" and only the ear tips show.

Karen said...

I think all of us who have dogs can relate to that post:) Great angle to take the photos from! Our dogs recognize the sound of the wrapper around the ice cream cones:) Yep, been known to have one of those in the evening:(

Tonie said...

Fantastic pictures! Thanks I really needed the laugh today.

BC Insanity said...

Love how Ranger works it: those round eyes, slightly elevated, elevated eye brows, the hypnotizing stare ...

You feel your hands shaking as you bring the food to your mouth, you're afraid you'll choke on it if you try to swallow ... eh, damn it, here it is, have it all dog.
He he he, been there, done that. Mine work me the same way.

Versailles Rose said...

Ha! How can you resist those eyes? =)
What a fantastic set of photos - and thanks for sharing!

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Erin O said...

I love that Ranger calls you Camera face. Great series of shots.

Pat A said...

Love it. I am so used to our dogs with their expressive faces that it is hard when a rescue comes along and has a bland expression and never learned that interaction. Ranger needs just a little more obedience and then you should try using him for advertizing. There is one rescue dog that supports a large rescue/haven for dogs back east.
Expressive faces will sell anything.