Saturday, April 10, 2010

They are Home & Awesome!

Just a quick update without pictures.  I am too tired to download or process pictures.

Yesterday we got to Brigands, found Dianne's truck and immediately got Beth and Brynn out of their crates.  They were so happy to see us!  I thought Beth was going to jump out of her own fur.  Brynn almost gave me a black eye she was so happy, leaping up into my face.

Bonnie saw Beth and Brynn from the car and started barking.  Slowly we let them greet each other.  The minute Bonnie got within 5 feet of Beth she lunged at her in a flurry of barking and tried to rip her nose off.  Needless to say, Beth reacted.  Thankfully we had them on leash and were able to keep them apart, so we chose to briskly walk them together for while until they got used to each other again.  Then they were fine.  But we chose to keep them separate for safety sake  (they are both doing just fine together now).

We had about 30 minutes with them getting reacquainted, until Dianne finished with her other lesson, then it was our turn.

I was up first with Brynn.  All I can say is WOW !  WOW !  WOW !  What a dog!  She is incredible.  Absolutely freaking incredible.   Gone is my little puppy, in her place is a composed, self assured dog who is doing some of the most difficult things.    Dianne said that it is incredible she is doing everything so well after only 2 1/2 months of training...and makes it all look so easy.  I think it was the trainer - Brynn wouldn't be anywhere near where she is without Dianne. As much as I missed her, it was worth every minute.  I don't regret it a second.  I now understand why Dianne wanted to keep her.  I was tempted to let Brynn stay with Dianne, but I needed her home...if I took Beth away from John again we were going to end up in divorce court.  

John was next with Beth.  Another big WOW!   Beth is a driving machine.  Dianne fixed the penning problem too.  Beth is more confident and committed to working.  She is listening and responding beautifully, especially to the whistle.  It is lovely to see.  They are going to be a wonderful pair.    I was the most worried about how Beth was going to adjust in training.  But she did fine, and it is clear to see that Beth adored Dianne too.

Today we went back to Brigands for two more hours with Dianne.  Everything started coming together for me and light bulbs were not only going off, but bursting in my small brain.  I feel relatively confident to work Brynn by myself.  Keeping it small and easy at first.  I am committed to work Brynn at least 4-5 times a week to keep her from slipping back, and to ensure I catch up.

Now begins the next phase.  Train the Handler.  Hopefully I can keep from screwing her up.   Dianne told me that Brynn will be one that will go all the way.  She has everything needed to make a good Open dog and will drag me into Open, if I want to go or not.

Both of the girls lost quite a bit of weight, they are at a nice 'working weight' now.  Looking at them I can see just how fat Bonnie is, and it's a tad bit embarrassing.  With all of them together again they will all get more exercise.  Time to put Bonnie on the green bean diet too.   I wonder if the green bean diet will work for me? 

Or better yet, how about I just go live with Dianne for a month or two?  I would be happy to sleep in the garage, but I think I will need an extra EXTRA LARGE crate.  I will do dishes, baby sit, and scoop poo too.   Think she will have me? 

Ranger is overjoyed to have Beth back.  As I type this Brynn and Bonnie are playing Bitey-Face on the floor next to me.  Everyone is happy.

So am I.

I love my dogs.

I even like my husband right now.  

Thank you Dianne for everything.  I think YOU are amazing.  Really.


Karen said...

Awww... Sounds wonderful, and only a few moments of the 'B' for 'bitchy':) Couldn't resist!

Lean said...

Happy at home i read wauw so happy for you all.
bye bye,lean

Waylon Aussies said...

Fabulous post to start my day with! I'm so happy to read that your girls are home and working better than ever. Each word made me smile!

Emma Rose said...

Excellent post. I'm all teary-eyed. Your joy is just bubbling out all over the page :) Great way to start my day, thanks!

Welcome home girls.

PS What is the green bean diet? Emma is getting pretty porky.

fulltiltbcs said...

Sounds like great strides were made!!!! That is awesome!

Monique said...


Jeanne said...

I'm SOOO happy for you. The girls look great. Agreed, Dianne is not only a terrific trainer, but very special person. Sorry I wasn't more fun yesterday. Mush brain from having just done taxes;) See you down the trail.