Friday, April 23, 2010

Big Blue Jolly Ball

I love Doodle. She reminds me of Beth.  Doodle belongs to my friend Vicki. 

Doodle, Ball Queen

She is One with the ball

Must. Not. Let. Ball. E.S.C.A.P.E.

Nothing distracts her from ball Zen.  Not even drama unfolding behind her.  

Neither growling, snarking or barking will keep her from her appointed watch. 

She plays well with others.

Share and share alike

Even when Brynn takes it away.  Doodle will not be dissuaded.  

She knows others will soon tire...but not her.  She is in the ball zone.  

Doodle, ball Diva.  

With power over humans.  Ever kick one of these hard Jolly Balls?  Once you have, you wont do it again. 

Unless this face is staring at you - then something stronger than the masochism tells you to kick it again, and again and again and again and again

We have been assimilated into the ball collective. 


An English Shepherd said...


I have a ball related post as well.


Wizz :-)

Shedd Rescue Pack said...

We have this Jolly ball too. It has to be hidden in garage or Tess sits woofing at it hoping a dog or human will make it move. Then she barges in and she too becomes one with the ball. The whole pack plays till exhaustion if I let them.

Jeanne said...

LOVE the snarking pic. A set of notecards would be great. You could do an inspiration series.. "Focus".. What pure fun, Carolyn. I see a Jolly Ball in our future.

Kathy said...

Doddle really likes that ball, that is very cute.

Pat A said...

What fun it looked like was had by all, even it sounds like the humans. Enjoyed the pix as usual.

rabsin_d said...

lovely exercise for lovely dogs...great post! As for me, I'm working with my project called the rescue dogs for adoption project. have a great day!

gvmama said...

ALL of my dogs except the Jack are BALL addicts. Soccer balls and the coveted "Basketball" are their favorites.