Saturday, April 17, 2010

What I Learned Today

I learned many things today.

The first and foremost important thing:  Never share a field with your husband.




Trust me on this.

It started badly when we tried to gate sort the sheep.  I keep forgetting that John is a city boy.  He did not grow up with livestock.  He does not understand how livestock moves, or the basics of moving sheep from pen to pen.

I couldn't figure out why the sheep would not go through the gate. Brynn was very gently moving them to the gate - they wanted to go through, but they wouldn't.  After trying this repeatedly I finally turned around and looked.  There stood John with Beth right in the alley where the sheep needed to pass to get to the other field.


Many husbands have a way of ignoring 90% of what comes out of their wife's mouth.  Especially when  sentences containing  "frigging moron" are muttered.  No matter how sweetly you say "Pull your head out of your arse" they just don't take it well.

Don't stand there and argue with each other while a dog is in a pen.  The desired result is typically not achieved.   

After all of that don't try to share a field and do 'round robin' outruns back and forth.  Especially with a dog you used to work.  Beth didn't want to work for him when I was in the field.  Every time I called a command for Brynn, Beth obeyed it.  Oops.

That type of thing generally encourages resentment to build.

When your husband nicely says "I think we may be distracting each other, it might be a good idea if I work in another field" 

Don't say "No Sh*t Sherlock". 

It takes a while for your husband to talk to you again.  It has been very quiet here this evening, and I don't blame him for wanting to stay as far away from me as possible.  I was pretty grumpy.  How do men survive menopause?  Perhaps that is why they call it "men-o-pause".  Men need to pause and think before they act on impulse to silence their wife forever. 

On another note:  Bonnie blew me away again today.  Someone stole my dog, and replaced her with a real border collie.


Karen said...

So far it is not going to badly with the two of us here doing agility together. Maybe I had better not speak too soon though.
Yay Bonnie!

Diana said...

It must have been a bad day for lots of husbands and wifes yesterday. Lol. I was a real witch yesterday and I think my husband was thinking some choice words for me. Diana

Jan said...

I too have noticed that "friggin moron" does not seem to motivate people. But it does relieve my stress. :)

fulltiltbcs said...

HA! I have NEVER noticed this when working my husband....nope..never...ever..nope...and I would NEVER say moron or idiot...nope,never...nope...

Who am I fooling...sounds like a normal day with the hubs and I :) LOL!

Pat A said...

Wait until retirement. They are always where you turn around with a pan or bowl full and oops, all over the floor or watch every move you make with that BC stare, " Don't you have something to do " I'm watching you do that " Well it would be different and faster if I wasn't working around you "
They want constant company Hmmmmm Sounds like our BCs.