Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bea Meets Sheep

Last week I put Bea on sheep for a little teaser at Fido's Farm.  I did not get even one picture, because I was alone and wanted to give all of my attention to Bea & the puppy sheep. 

Bea was über awesome.  Her tail was down, she came to balance nicely.  I was able to walk backward in the arena & Bea kept pace behind.  The puppy sheep, who are notorious knee knockers, actually kept a decent distance and we had a good thing going.  I was pleased. 

Alas, I wanted pictures.  So a couple of days later Cindy and I grabbed the large group of nicely dog broke sheep (to set Bea up for success) and put them in the big field. Cindy sat on the ground with my camera and we went for it again.

It was as successful as the experience at Fido's, albeit a wee bit faster and required a bit more running. 

Bea kept the sheep together nicely.  She had fun circling then coming into balance while I walked backward (okay, I RAN backward).  I am happy to say I did not fall once. 

We ended the session with Bea wanting more.  I was very happy with her, because she kept a very nice head about her.  She is going to be so much fun! 

I will not put her back on sheep again for at least another month.  No use risking an adverse experience when her mind is a sponge. 

Since Cindy shot so many nice photos I decided to put them all into a video/slide show with music by Yanni called "Swept Away".  In a year I can look back on this and remember where she used to be. 


The Thundering Herd said...

Bea looks so serious - loved the pictures.

Alison said...

"This is your Bea on Sheep". love.

RYKER said...

She looks like a real natural out there! Nice going!