Friday, March 11, 2011

Border Collie Quilts

I realized today I have been remiss in sharing something very special.

My mother is an gifted designer.  For many years she designed knitting patterns and her knitted creations have adorned each of my children as they grew up.   Many of the sweaters you see Bonnie wearing in her ridiculous photo shoots have been designed & knitted by my mom (for my kids, not the dogs). 

My mother is also an incredible quilter.  The quilts she makes make me drool in envy.  Last year I was blessed when she made me this beautiful quilt from discontinued border collie fabric that she found buried in a bin at a little quilt store.

I adore this quilt.  It is the perfect size for snuggling with in my chair.

Please forgive the crappy photography - I did not edit these pictures - they are straight out of the camera. 

This last Christmas my mother gifted me with another amazing quilt.  Earlier in the year I had found and purchased a 1/2 yard of another border collie fabric I found online.  This was another discontinued fabric line and very difficult to locate anymore.  I had no idea what to do with it, so I begged my mom for another quilt.

She made not, one but TWO of them.  One for me and one for my friend Cindy.   (click on the pictures to enlarge to full size.)  The quilt below is actually much brighter than appears in the pictures. 

 My mom and I spent a few hours scouring quilt shops for companion fabric.  My mother added the scraps from the first quilt into this one to make unique quilt blocks.

The green fabric with the handler/shepherd and border collie was what I found and ordered online.

My mother adapted another pattern for this quilt.  I loved how she put the star squares together.

Thank you Mom!  I will cherish these quilts forever.


Diana said...

Wow, those are just awesome! How lucky you are.

Lean said...

wauw this is so beautiful great work of your mom and sweet to give them to you.

heartsong said...

Amazing and beautiful!

RYKER said...

You are very lucky indeed. Your mom does fabulous work!

Pat A said...

Love the quilts. I to have treasured quilts that our daughter has made for us. They are the main decor in our house and of course Trax still has the Crochet blanket he sleeps with that my sister made him 9 years ago. He does not want to sleep without it.

Karen said...

Beautiful! You and Cindy are very lucky:)
I don't have the patience to do quilting.

Monique said...

That is wonderful! I've always been interested in quilting but never patient enough to learn. Always amazed and envious of such gorgeous work.

Kitty said...

Those quilts are beautiful!! I'm really jealous, your mom is an angel! xx