Sunday, March 27, 2011

Border Collie?

Sometimes Ranger looks like a real border collie, stalking the movement of the chuck-it, as John picks up the ball. 

He anticipates the throw..



Focused on a singular objective

Mission: retrieve the ball

Mission accomplished.

Hindered by a pesky Bonnie at his heels. 

Stars are often persued by puparazzi

It is hard to live life in a spot light. 

"Ranger doesn't live in a spot light."

"Ranger lives in a vacuum."

"A huge sucking vortex left behind when his brain imploded!"

Awww, Bonnie....Ranger has a brain.  He is just special

We love him no matter what bus he rides...or what he rolls in.

Gorgeous, but not too huggable. 


Lynn said...

I'd hug him!!!!!

BCxFour said...

You would hug him even after rolling in a dead rabbit carcass? He was pretty ripe!

Lynn said...

Yes, I would! Then I'd go take a shower! LOL