Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Love this Dog

She can be so serious.

Thoroughly dedicated to her work.

A steadfast partner & dear companion

But when she plays, she really knows how to cut loose.

A consummate jubilant goofball.

Kicking up her heels

Percolating infinite delight

Scattering seeds of joy in her wake

Until it is time to go back to work...then she is all business again. 

No matter what the day brings, she dives in with four paws ready for the challenge.  She licks my cheek when I need some comfort.  Leans against me when I need a hug.  Stands by my side every day...

We can learn from our dogs, if you listen with your heart. 


Jennifer Rose said...

so serious, and then she just looks like a goof :p
more people need to learn from their dogs and then they might not be as stressed...hmm or they might be more stressed :p

Pat A said...

Love it, that is how we all should approach our day.