Friday, July 10, 2009


When my kids where little I was the kind of Mom who arranged their food on the plate like a smiley face or other fun shapes. If it was Valentines day I would color all their food red, St. Patrick's day they ate green food. Mind you my kids still talk about green spaghetti (word from the wise - never color Alfredo sauce green - it is only appetizing to a two year old).

Now they are older they are much less tolerant of their mother's weird idiosyncrasies...or maybe not, actually the fact that I am breathing irritates the teenagers. I digress...

Now that I don't have little children to torture I resort to my dogs.

Am I the only one out there who does things like this?

Do the dogs even notice or care?

I took great pleasure in putting the little sweet-potato gingerbread men in their Canidae. I arranged it just so...making sure the happy little faces greeted the pups when they dove into their bowls.

That smiling face just warmed the cockles of my heart.

Bonnie looks suspicious

Bonnie is thinking "WTF is THAT?"

"It is staring at me"

"It smells okay, but I am not eating it"

"Still not eating it"

"Nope, not eating it"

"Okay I ate it."

Now that I think about it...what kind of a whack job does this and THEN takes pictures?

ME (waves arm in the air jumping up and down) ME ME ME ME!!! Beep Beep...I think that is the short-bus stopping in front of my house.

Let's talk about another whack job in our house. This one is named Ranger.

How many dogs do you know that chew on their bones like this?

Rolling around on the floor

Holding his bone above his face, gazing at it adoringly

Whoops, that one got away!

"I can reach it with my tongue"

" is escaping!"


"AUUUGGGGGHHHH! Attack of the bone thief!"

"Get away from my bone!"

"Ahhhh all is well...I love my bone"

Life is good in Whacko-Land.


Ann said...

I was just thinking of all the blog posts I've done as I prepare the dogs' food.

I just don't think it's normal! I have slowed down on those posts recently. . .though I admit while I was sitting out with a glass of wine and the dogs were working on bones for something like two hours this evening, I was thinking that I should get up and find my camera so I could blog about it.

sheepkelpie said...

Bonnie and Lucy have the same bowls!!!!!!

Sarah said...

my dogs live in Wacko land also hehe

Lauren said...

Simon chews his bones just like Ranger! Like it's the best thing he's even had in his whole life, even though he had the exact same bone the week before!

An English Shepherd said...

Great post & nice looking food/bone ;-)

Wizz :-)

Versailles Rose said...

Yay for non-dog feeding bowls! Pepper LOVES my cobalt-blue Pyrex pie plate. She won't use anything else!

Ranger looks like he's taken up the flute. What a gifted pup! LOL!

Again, LOVE your blog!

MadamRenfield said...

Your furkids are absolutely adorable!!! I, too, have made special meals/treats for my two.

Love the pix - Ranger looks like he's having a ball! :)

PoochesForPeace said...

What exactly is "normal" anyways?!

As an undergrad we had a fundraiser for an animal-assisted therapy group and people brought in cute dog treats to sell that looked like human food cookies.

Im sure once your kids are out of their teen years they will wish they could go back to the simple years of green spaghetti :)

StellaStar said...

Perhaps Rufus and Ranger are long lost siblings. Rufus's bones taste better in the air, too.

Beth said...

Ok, that shortbus part was THE FUNNIEST thing I've seen all week! I just about fell out of my chair laughing.

My cavalier *loves* chewing on her bones upside down and rollin' around. So does the cat. Hmmmmm.

Raising Addie said...


I LOVE this kind of stuff!

Since Addie and Hailey gain weight at the drop of the hat, I really have to watch what I give them which is no fun at all.

It sure is a small world isn't it! The catfish plantation is memorable!

Just catching up on all of your posts. The one thing I can rely on lately is being behind.

How do you keep peace with sooo many borders in your pack? The older that Lucie gets, the more Addie is trying to remain the dominant dog between the two of them.