Friday, July 17, 2009

Kiddo vs Ranger

I love Ranger. I really do. But I feel terrible leaving him alone while we go herding with the other dogs. The poor boy...all alone in the back yard. Lazing about, watching the bugs fly by...chewing on his bone, enjoying the solitude. Wait, that sounds pretty darn good actually. Maybe he doesn't have it so bad?

The problem is our city will only allow me to have four dogs. If I am going to have more than that I need a kennel license. Taking in the occasion foster dog that pushes me above four dogs is okay because it is temporary and I do not need to obtain a kennel license.

We wont talk about what my husband will do to me if I keep another dog. He wanders around the house muttering "crazy dog lady" combined with unmentionable expletives enough already.

So, if I want to keep a dog I have to get rid of one.

Doesn't Kiddo look AWESOME in this video??? Who wouldn't want to keep this boy? I am in love. He is the spitting image of Beth. Please ignore the bumbling woman in the hideous shirt (I am going to burn that shirt tonight).

Seriously - those of you who have so much more experience than I in judging a puppy and their potential. What do you think?

Here is the big question.....Should I keep Kiddo and get rid of Ranger?

Who wants him? Any takers?

Ranger is not amused. He called me a "traitorous biatch" then ran out in the back yard.

"You don't love me anymore? I WILL SHOW YOU!"

"I am gonna stick my head in this hole until I smother to death."

"You will miss me when I am DEAD AND GONE!"

Brynn says "Hey Ranger, don't forget your ball!"

"Got it, now I am going to kill myself because Mom doesn't love me anymore."

Brynn says, "Uhhhhnnnn....Mom I don't think he is breathing!"

Its okay Ranger, you can pull your head out.

Awwwww...I cant get rid of this adorable face.

I feel an uncontrollable need to go to the butcher and buy the biggest meatiest bone I can find and give it to him.

Guilt is a powerful thing...and Ranger knows how to use it to his advantage. about some pig ears, raw meaty bones, my dinner, my dessert, breakfast...sure Ranger you can sleep in my bed too.

Cuz I love ya more than my luggage - you big dolt.


LilaBean said...

Darn! I was ready to take him!

Emma Rose said...

Tell your hubby he needs to buy you a farm in the country! Then you can have all the BC's you want. And Sheep too! :) Then we can come visit. K?

Emma Rose

Lean said...

Pffff Ranger that was close.
HAPPY END for Ranger????
bye bye Misty.

sheepkelpie said...

That was very funny :)
Kiddo looks great! See if you can stop him easier when the sheep are on the fence. He looks good.

Amy said...

Actually, you can easily keep Kiddo. You said he looks exactly like Beth, right? There you go! Only let one of them out in the yard at a time. Problem solved. ;~)
ps - my word verification was craci. Are they trying to tell me something?!?!?!

Raising Addie said...


This is the BEST blog post ever!!!

Ranger, we know you are not going anywhere! No one could trade you in sweetie!

Chasing my tale...
Addie, Lucie, and Hailey

Sarah said...

you shouldn't joke you would have many takers!

super funny, gotta love the big dolts :)