Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sweaty Sheep Camp

Tomorrow we are off to Sheep Camp at Fido's Farm in Olympia. I am taking Beth, Bonnie & Brynn.

I have been looking forward to this for months. According to previous participants this is supposed to be like 6th grade camp with alcohol. Yessss! Right up my alley.

Last year following sheep camp several women had strangely colored hair. Apparently one evening they drank heavily and played with the paint they use to mark the sheep. Pink, green, can imagine the results.

Yesterday I heard Chris tell Sylvia to pick up three cases of wine at Trader Joe's. Sylvia told me she already bought several cases of beer. I bought two fifths of tequila and margarita mix today. Kristi is bringing the fixings for mohitos.

Sheep, dogs, friends and alcohol. This is going to be fun.

I wonder if anyone will stick my bra in the freezer like they did at my first slumber party when I young. Unfortunately for me, I was the first one to fall asleep. I woke up that morning with my training bra standing up next to my pillow like a sentry. Apparently they soaked it in water, then draped it over a couple bags of frozen veggies and let it freeze.

I was scarred for life.

Maybe I will finally get a chance to try the saran wrap over the toilet trick?

Nah, I have already done that to my sons. That may explain some of their 'emotional' problems.

So, the next week I am going to be sleeping in a horse stall at the big barn. Roughing it. Well, my version of roughing it. John is hauling all the 'furniture' I am going to put in my horse stall down to Fido's this evening.

One major draw back. No air conditioning. I am going to melt...have you seen the Olympia weather forecast for the next week?

Sunday 91/61
Monday 93/63
Tuesday 98/62
Wednesday 99/62
Thursday 93/60
Friday 83/57

WTF is that? The hottest darn week of the year? The weather forecasters are have 'O's over the next week record breaking temperatures and triple digit potential.

doG - HA HA HA, VERY FUNNY! I have to say that I don't get this cosmic joke. There is a reason why I live in the Pacific Northwest. Rain, gloom, clouds, rain. I like rain. Endless sunshine is boring. I don't do heat. Heat makes me homicidal, suicidal and mean. doG, can you please turn the air conditioning back on for this week? Please? Thank you.

Tell me something, how did the pioneer women manage? Can you imagine wearing a corset and a long skirt in this freaking heat? I would have volunteered to be a 'lady' of the evening just so I could wear less clothes and get away with it.

I am going to be herding sheep in my skivvies. People will point and laugh. Maybe it wont matter if they are still drunk from the night before?

The poor sheep...the poor dogs. Egads, I am going to melt.

Chris said we are going to start each day with sheep chores at dawn. (Lovely, I am a night owl). Then classes start at 7 am. We are going to be done with herding at noon, then class time and instructor presentations in the covered arena in the afternoon.

I am worried this will be my attitude by the end of the week. (My apology in advance to those G-Rated readers - for the F-Bomb being dropped in the following picture).

I don't think I am going to sleep there on the days it reaches 100. I will drive the 45 miles home (if I am not looped on alcohol). Because someone will have to bail me out of the Thurston County Jail because when I am hot, I am grumpy. Then sleep deprived? Egads the combination is potentially lethal.

Getting up early + hangover + heat = Mean-ass biatch.

According to my husband; "sounds like normal".

I am planning on hurting him first.


Laura said...

So jealous!

Emma Rose said...

We are jealous too!!!

Ann said...

I want lots of posts and pix!!!

Have a great time!

Lean said...

Great time and dont left[drop] some pink things on the grass..hihi.
bye bye,Lean

The Thundering Herd said...

It sounded great right up to the heat part - we don't do heat. And we certainly don't do 90.

Pat A said...

Bring a tub or several dish pans with you and a big fan. Put ice in the tub or dish pans and you sleep on one side of the Ice, put the fan on the other side turned on high and you will have air conditioning in the area you sleep.
This was my method before there was air conditioning ( 1955 summer, 107 deg in White Center, yes in western Washington ) It works.

PoochesForPeace said...

All I can say is, Baaaaaaa, that's all I think when i see those cute sheep. And I love that last pic, ahahaha! I hope it all goes well!

Paula said...

That sounds like SO much fun! Hell, it's that hot in Florida in December. ;) Not helping, huh? Enjoy, I'm mucho jealous!