Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ranger's Reckoning

My oldest child Amy has moved back home after spending some time in Louisiana. She is home for a while waiting for a slot in the nursing program. The last time Amy was home we had just adopted Ranger and Katie was still alive - things have changed a bit in a year.

The first day she is with us we dragged her to the river for a picnic & some river dog fun!

Have you ever tried to have a picnic with nine border collies? We believe in baptism by fire. Amy learned how to protect her food from three younger hungrier brothers - she can handle a couple of Border Collie puppies.

Bug was determined to get some of Amy's chicken.

Her eyes never left Amy's greasy fingers.

Ranger and Bonnie were drawn to Amy like moths to a flame...chicken is a heady lure.

Vicki's dogs Skye (Miss Blue Eyes), Blitz and Brandi kept a nice distance....but they left puddles of drool in their wake.

All of Vicki's dogs have very good manners. I will refrain from commenting on our dogs manners - lets change the subject shall we?

When Amy was done eating she walked along side the river with the dogs - so we could finish stuffing our faces.

When we were all done eating it was time for SWIMMING! Err...well...chasing after a nice NON-Dangerous chunk of bark or wood. (no sharp edges to hurt eyes or mouths)

Blitz and Bonnie are waiting for their wood (uhhn.. that didn't sound right did it?)

Actually, Blitz is waiting for wood, Bonnie is waiting for Blitz to move so she can pounce on him.

Poor Ranger - today was Ranger Smackdown Day.

Everyone decided they were tired of Ranger always stealing the stick. He has been a bully and it is time for reckoning.

Every time Ranger got the stick - someone took it from him. Apparently they all decided that the stick needed to return to the person...rather than run up and down the river in Rangers mouth like a lunatic.

YES! Doodle and Beth orchestrated another stick take over! The jubilation on Beth's face is obvious.

Blitz took advantage of an opportunity to relieve Ranger of the stick yet again - this time waiting for him to drop it while he was shaking - then quickly dashed in and snatched it!

Ranger is surrounded. Border Collie patience runs thin quickly.

Can you imagine pissing off this pack of border collies? I think I feel sorry for Ranger....nah, not really.

Ranger grew increasingly frustrated. He started taking his anger out on those around him. Time out time for Ranger.

Poor Ranger....without wood.

Every where he went his assailants followed.

Then the fun came to a screeching halt when Ranger finally made it to shore with his stick. He dropped it at John's feet...then lifted his leg and peed on it.

Poor John...he had no idea that Rangers aim was that bad.


Lean said...

Oeps sorry my fold[hihi]that´s what he was thinking.
Great pictures you made and nice story uhhh...almost.
bye bye,Lean

Amy said...

Ah yes, we are familiar with the Rangers of the world . . . ai yi yi!

To bad they *never* learn their lesson!

Emma Rose said...

Oh no! Naughty Ranger! He is quite the character, that boy. Welcome home to Amy and Happy 4th of July to all.

Pat A said...

We have those picnics in our kitchen 3 times a day. Only with 4 pups now but they sure think they should be getting the people food instead of that dry junk.

hope you had a great 4th, we took a ridgeback to Ellensburg from the shelter.

StellaStar said...

Oh, gosh! Poor John! Funny post... :)

Sarah said...

wow major picnic fun - minus the pee on the leg LOL

Kimberly-MyPets said...

I love this post, because of the pictures that go along with the story. I'll have to do the same thing.

I had a shelty as a kid and my boyfriend is going to get a dog for me when we move to our house and a Border Collie is on my list along with a Springer Spaniel. I love intelligent dogs.