Sunday, July 19, 2009


Guilt is a powerful motivator. I personally supported the local Toys-R-Us for many years out of guilt brought on by putting my kids in daycare and their absent constantly deployed father.

"Mommy why do you have to work?" My son said when I picked him up from daycare

"To pay the bills sweetie." I sigh

"Mommy you missed our field trip because of your stupid job!" he says sobbing

"I am sorry honey" hugging my son "I couldn't get out of this silly meeting"

Because the big tears rolling down his sad little face are breaking my heart I say "Lets go buy a new 'Thomas the Tank Engine'!"

"YEAH! I LOVE YOU MOM! You are the BESTEST Mommy in the WORLD!" Smiles abound... my guilt subsides a smidgen.

I fell host to a myriad of parenting errors out of nothing but sheer guilt. Which is why I am sure my children now behave like the spawn of Satan.

They all blame me for everything that is wrong in their lives...along with the economy, the war, the price of gas, blah blah blah - you know the drill.

The other day there was a shining ray of light in the darkness of parental doom, a small spark of hope. I over heard my beautiful 21 y/o daughter telling her friend "I wish I would have listened to my mom when I was a kid, she is really smart about life".

I was so happy I wanted to take her shopping for some new shoes.

I wiped a tear from my eye then I heard my 17 y/o son call me an "dumb ass' under his breath as he was walking from the room.

As usual teenagers always have a way of sucking you back to reality.

My guilty shopping problem has extended to my dogs. Just call me Miss Anthropomorphism.

Guilt is a tool Ranger expertly wields with his cute face, freakishly large ears, expressive eyes. Ranger has been moping around like a sloth on downers since I said I wanted to trade him in for Kiddo.

How do we solve that dilemma?

Why a NEW Jolly Ball of Course!

"YEAH! A new JOLLY BALL! Awesome I totally killed my last one!"

"OHHHHHH Mom this is apple scented! YUM!"

"I love you Mom! You are the BESTEST Mommy in the world"

"Yum yum yum"

See the reoccurring theme here? I failed Parenting 101 miserably.


Diana said...

All teenagers think there parents are dumb and dont know anything. My daughter said, while driving one day, "there really is a blind spot". Lord help us.

The great thing about dogs is they cant talk. Diana

Emma Rose said...

Dogs are so much better than teenagers! That jolly ball looks like fun. I'm sure Ranger deserves such a fine gift. After all, he's so dang cute who could resist spoiling him? And HE thinks you are the smartest Mom on the planet!

Emma Rose

Raising Addie said...

I chose to live vicariously through my friends that have children instead of having my own.

Then come home and give my dogs a big hug. Regardless of my dog issues, gen-y will always give you a run for your money!

Chasing my tale...
Addie, Lucie and Hailey

Lean said...

OOOO wauw love this bal i am telling my mom so she can buy me one.I just went to the vet and i saw she has left some coins in her purs....JOEPIE!!!!!

An English Shepherd said...

What a great looking ball.

Wizz :-)

Gennasus said...

What a fab ball. Ranger so deserved it after what you were thinking!

You do realise that he is going to be a perpetual teenager?

The Thundering Herd said...

Just discovered your blog via Life With Dogs top 10 list. Nothing like a pack (or herd) of dogs to keep life amusing in a house.

Life With Dogs said...

You may wan to stop by if you have a moment. :)