Wednesday, June 10, 2009

River Dogs

This is the Carbon River at Orting, WA. Peaceful, tranquil and serene. Lovely place to watch bald eagles, fish for the northwest's best salmon, or just take a break from the hectic pace of life.

This is the Carbon River on Border Collies. There are ten border collies in this picture. Can you spot them all? (click on picture for larger view)

Not such a peaceful spot now eh?

You too can witness the chaos.

Meet five of Vicki's Border Collies. From left to right is Gryff, Jess, Doodle, Skye & the puppy Bug.

You might remember Bug from the Puppy Fest post a while back. She and Brynn are growing up together. Every time I see her I am amazed at how much she has grown!

The sixth border collie Vicki brought is her newest foster, Bess. Bess is a 4 yr old purebred registered Border Collie from an working line. Since Bess's herding career didn't work out Vicki is looking for a pet home her. She is a very soft love sponge. If you are interested in learning more about Bess please contact Vicki at

What a happy girl! She loves the water and chasing the Frisbee.

Bess will be posted to PNW Border Collie Rescue soon after her evaluation period is over. Do you want to play with her?

Did you know that border collies can be intolerant? They sometimes discriminate against those who are different. Just ask Scarlet, Vicki's ten year old Golden Retriever.

Brynn says "What is that behind me? You don't belong here... you are the WRONG color!"

Scarlet says "Young pup, I bleed the same color as you ...want to find out? My teeth are bigger than yours."

It isn't easy being red.

That's okay Scarlet. We are an equal opportunity dog loving agency. All dogs are welcome.

Scarlet doesn't like Ranger. Who can blame her. We need to talk to Ranger about inappropriate behavior. A girl should be able to walk down the path without being bonked in the butt by a hard nose. Bad Ranger.

We could excuse him because he is simple minded. There is a reason why we say Ranger is the King of Doofus. It is much nicer than saying 'Ranger is Sofa King we todd did'.

Brynn enjoyed her trip to the river. Brynn leading the charge!

She even managed to get the Frisbee a few times in the water.

Once she had that Frisbee she was determined to kill it.

Die Frisbee DIE!

Until something else caught her attention and Doodle moved in. She had been waiting for her opportunity to obtain the Frisbee for a while.

Old age and patience will overcome youth and skill every time.

Another lovely day at the river.

Sunshine, good friends, a Frisbee and water. Recipe for Dog Heaven.


Diane said...

I think I've discovered what's wrong with Ranger- he's a horribly mismarked cattle dog :)
Send him over to this part of WA whenever you want!

Kay and Bill said...

Love the pix, your dogs are great! In earlier years I spent many happy, lazy days on the Carbon River.

StellaStar said...

Love the video of Ranger...what on earth (or should I say "in water") is he barking at?

Nicki said...

what a cool outing

Emma Rose said...

What a fantastic post! I can't imagine how fun it would be to be surrounded by BC's! They all seemed to be having such a good time and Brynn was right in the thick of it! Bess stole my heart from the get-go. She needs me to cuddle her, I just know it!

The Duchess (from Emma's blog)

BCxFour said...

Diane, name the day and Ranger can come see you permanently! (well until I miss him and he has to come home).

Kay, we live right on the Carbon River in Orting. It is heaven for the dogs.

Stella - What is Ranger barking at? Actually he was barking at me to get me to throw the frisbee again. He acts like a bit of a spoiled child when I stop throwing his toy. He is a stinker...for sure!

BCxFour said...

Emma - Bess needs a new home. Yours would be perfect! She is already wonderfully trained and gets along splendidly with all dogs!

Diane said...

Well, I could meet you at Fido's and trade you Roper for Ranger...Chris met Roper when we first tried him on sheep.
You'd be BEGGING for Ranger back before you even made it home ;)

BCxFour said...

Ranger doesnt do sheep...errr, well he tried to 'do' a sheep once and Chris almost died laughing. I was mortified and we ended his herding lesson then and there. She said she hadn't seen a dog try and mount a sheep in years.
I think I will keep him, he is growing on me, besides who would I have turn my light on and off for me?

karensbrae said...

Fantastic post. What a fun time.

Gennasus said...

That really wasn't chaotic.....I could show you chaos!!

Ten dogs, one toy and no fighting. I love how they got on so well.

sheepkelpie said...

That's great!!!! I love that Golden. The older Goldens are just so special. Might be nice to have a non-herding dog like that...

As to Ranger, we all have our "Bless your heart" ones, and he's yours. He is very very cool in his own way. And, if I had seen him mount a sheep, I too would have well and truly died laughing too.

Diana said...

The first video cracked me up. All the dogs waiting for you to throw the frisbee but Ranger is playing with it. They are all waiting and finally one of the dogs goes and takes it from Ranger and brings it to you." Sheesh, silly dog. Doesnt even know how to play the game". LoL Very cute. Diana

BCxFour said...

Diane - Ranger does that all the time and the funny thing is he KNOWS how to play fetch. What he will do it play with the toy then bring it back and try to turn it into a game of tug. He is much better with tennis balls. The one who went and took the frisbee from him is Beth. She is very type A about her fetching and Ranger frustrates her. She is always taking the toy away from him and bringing it back to me. It cracks me up everytime.

Sheepkelpie - That nails it...he is my "bless your heart" dog. LOL

Versailles Rose said...

I'm behind on your posts because we've had some health issues here. (Everything is working out) I can't begin to tell you how much I love this post. I was just looking at your Fliclr accnt today and was just enthralled by the 'Riverdog' pics. Just wonderful.

You blog and photos are one of my favorite ways of taking a break.

Anonymous said...

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