Sunday, June 28, 2009

Does Your Tongue Hang Low?

Does your tongue hang low?

Does it wobble to and fro?

Can you tie it in a knot?

Can you tie it in a bow?

Can you throw it o'er your shoulder like a continental soldier?

Does your tongue hang low?

Now that I have that song stuck in my head. Let me ask you a question...

Does this look like the face of evil?

Holli thinks Beth is bat-sh*t crazy.

Holli told me that when I was checking her whole body for bite wounds right after Beth tried to take a chunk out of Holli's nose. Poor old girl.

Beth has a problem. We think she is a ball-rage-aholic

Beth does not play well with others.

Holli doesn't care, she is a happy girl.

Yesterday a lovely retired couple came to visit her and they want to adopt her! They recently lost their 15 y/o border collie and are familiar with the needs of a senior dog. It takes a special family to adopt a senior dog.

I was going to take Holli to her new home today but we need to make a trip to the vet first. Yesterday Holli was stricken by the worse case of bloody diarrhea I have ever seen. She is still eating well, devouring her food like a maniac, however she is squirting large amounts of bloody runny poo out her backside on a regular basis.

Egads I feel like I am marooned on an island in the sea of runny poo.

I told her adoptive family about her changing condition and they said they would take her to the vet - but I cannot place a dog in this condition. I am hoping and praying it is something simple - from the stress of being dumped at the shelter then moved to two foster homes. (Just in case you are wondering...It isn't the cherries, we have them all picked up).

Say a prayer for Holli...that she is healthy enough for her new home very soon.

UPDATE: We went to the vet (thank goodness they are open 24 hours a day). The vet is treating her for stress induced colitis. She should be fine and is going to her new home tomorrow afternoon! YEEEHAW!


Amy said...

Good thoughts going out to Holli!!

Emma Rose said...

What a wonderful couple to offer to take her to the vet. You know they really want HER and not just any BC. I hope she improves quickly. I'm sorry about her getting chewed up by Beth!
Your photos and "song" are great. Had us laughing!

The Duchess

Bell and Kimberly said...

I likey your song... and that tongue is crazy long... did you join in the Stick Your Tongue Out Contest that the Rocky Creek Scottie's are having? I think you'll have a GREAT chance @ winning

Bell girl

StellaStar said...

Fingers crossed and hugs for Holli!

kiwichick said...

So glad Holli found a great home. Hope she gets rid of the runs soon.

PoochesForPeace said...

Poor Holli, runs are the worst :( I hope she gets to go to her new home soon!

Lauren said...

Yeah for Holli!!

Lean said...

YESSSS great for Holli.The story about the tongue...hahahahahah .I think is a Border Collie handicap.
lots of LICKS,Misty

Emma Rose said...

Your update is GREAT news! So happy for Holli (and for Beth) :)

Sarah said...

Holli is adorable!! I hope she lives out her best years yet!

and I can't believe it, Beth's tongue is longer than Kalebs! Impossible!!!!!!!!!!

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Aww, poor Holli, i am glad it is nothing serious and hope she feels better soon and can go to her new home.

Love the tongue

Pat A said...

Yea for Holli

Versailles Rose said...

So glad it worked out well for Holli