Monday, May 11, 2009

Puppy Fest

Our good friend Vicki brings several of her dogs over each week for a walk along the river. Vicki is also a foster home for PNW Border Collie Rescue.

This week she brought along her latest fosters, two purebred border collie puppies that have not been listed for adoption yet.

Meet Tink

Meet Bug

At first Brynn looked at the puppies like they were some strange aliens from another planet, but warmed up quickly

Brynn practiced her stalking skills

Pouncing skills

She even tried to intimidate a stick out of Bug's mouth

Bug kept her eyes peeled for sneaky stick stealing Brynn

No one. No How. Was stealing her stick

Tink thinks her sister has a bit of a OCD problem.

Evil Stick Stealing Brynn morphed into Sweet Rock Sharing Brynn

Brynn said she was happy to share her rock with Tink & Bug

What were the puppies watching so intently? Why Ranger, of course, The King of Doofus.

Oh Hiya, I am smart, I know how to stay out of the rain. Yep, right here behind the rock under the bush. I have my stick and dry ground.

Bug forgot about her stick and stole Brynn's rock

Tink turned into a rock sitting fool.

Uh oh...what is going on down there?

Hey, where is Ranger going? He is floating down the river really far!

Bug said Ranger is soooooo s.t.u.p.i.d

Stay tuned tomorrow for Ranger's near death experience


Emma Rose said...

Nothing is more adorable than a BC puppy!!! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures.

karensbrae said...

What fun they are having. I just love Bug!!

Gennasus said...

Cute factor 10!

sheepkelpie said...

I WANT BUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

StellaStar said...

Yikes! What happened to Ranger?

Those puppies are ADORABLE!

zairisfrog said...

Meg & Fiona are adorable! :-)

An English Shepherd said...

nearly as cute as me ;-)

Wizz :-)

Nicki said...

so freaking cute! We fostered a puppy last year-so much fun (and so much work!) Thanks for visiting my blog!

BluAussieGal said...

Uh oh I feel a puppy craving coming on!