Friday, June 26, 2009

Canning, Cherries and Holli

I am a bad egg. My life is getting in the way of blogging.

This week I have been canning strawberry and raspberry jam and trying to figure out what to do with 14 gazillion tons of cherries from my back yard cherry tree.

Cherry trees are wonderful things and I love ours. The birds love them too. And the dogs love the cherries that the birds toss on the ground.

Do you know what happens when dogs eat cherries? I will spare you the nitty gritty details and/or pictures. Needless to say poop patrol took on a whole new meaning. I spent a couple of nights up every two hours letting Bonnie and Brynn outside for the Hershey Squirts. This time I was wise enough to NOT let them up on the bed when they came back inside. Nope, I learned my lesson from the last time.

Amidst the canning & cherry fizz we have a new foster dog!

Meet Holli

Brynn's nose is a little bit out of joint. She hasn't been here for foster dogs coming and going. Today she is extra special affectionate. I have had to correct her a few times from resource guarding me from Holli. The little stinker is licking my ankle as I type this. Poor baby is jealous.

Holli is a 13 year old border collie. Holli was dumped at the local shelter by the family that purchased her as a puppy from a breeder. They raised her and gave her a home for thirteen years then brought her to the shelter. The paperwork suggests they were moving and were unable to bring her with them. I am going to refrain from sharing my opinion of this...this is supposed to be a 'G' rated blog.

Holli is not your typical senior dog.

She is energetic and playful. LOVES toys and playing fetch.

She also has the most amazing set of teeth I have ever seen on a dog this age! Check out these choppers! Not a speck of tartar on them!

Holli loves to talk. She expresses her opinion frequently. If you don't feed her quite fast enough, if she needs to go outside, if you are ignoring her, or don't throw the ball fast enough. You know...typical border collie.

Just ask her "Whatcha Think?" and she will bark and bark until you say "Reeeeallllyyyyy!"

Holli LOVES the doggie wading pool.

I am looking forward to taking her down to the river tomorrow morning (when I get all my canning finished). I wonder what she will do when she sees the water for the first time.

Holli came equipped with a special skill. She is a Certified Fence Inspector.

Being recently abandoned Holli is anxious when I am out of her sight. This afternoon I put her in the back yard with the rest of the pack, when she was done doing her business she came to the door and barked a few times. I chose to let her stay in the yard rather than immediately bringing her in.

A few minutes later I saw John was driving down the road so I opened up the front door to greet him...much to my surprise there was Holli laying on on mat.

After some sleuthing John located the back yard escape route. She separated a section of our 6 ft tall wooden fence from the post and shoved her way through. None of the other dogs have ever attempted anything like this. Guess that tells us who is smarter huh?

Old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill every time. The nice thing is when Holli escaped she chose to stay on the yard, even with the temptation of kids playing all over our neighborhood. What a good dog.

This morning when we were at Fido's I took her into the pen with the puppy sheep. She was VERY interested in them and wanted to chase them in the worst way. I didn't let her off lead because I didn't want her to get hurt or exhaust herself, but she sure had fun the little bit of time she was near them!

Holli is a happy girl and looking for her true FOREVER home.

Check out Holli's listing on the PNW Border Collie Rescue site.

Let me know if you want any cherries.


Amy said...

Oh my, Holli is a delight. What a sweetheart. Please send us some cherries! ;~) We have two baby cherry trees and they currently have a total of 5 cherries on them, which apparently won't be ripe until fall here in NY!

Lean said...

Holli looks great and love her pictures.Sad sad that she has to go.I hope you find great new owners.By the way GREAT BANDANA around her neck.
bye bye lots of licks Misty.

Paws on the Run said...

Mmmmm Cherries. Holli sounds wonderful! Hopefully Brynn will warm up to her soon. Sorry to hear about the dogs' tummy troubles, I'm hoping our apple tree doesn't have the same effect.

Lauren said...

Holli looks so sweet - it always amazes me what people will do with their dogs. I volunteer at a local shelter and I get furious sometimes at the dogs that end up there. Sweet dogs like Holli that have been pets their whole lives. The most offensive reason - "new baby" - it always sets me off that people get rid of their dogs just because they have a baby. But enough ranting! She looks like a wonderful dog and is so lucky to have you to find her a new great home.

Emma Rose said...

Our cherry trees are really ancient and anything they produce is eaten by the birds and squirrels. After 13 years in this house we have never gotten a single cherry! Now that I know what they do to dogs, I will count my blessings.
Holli's ex-family is a disgrace. I could also say some really nasty things about that. I am still dreaming about Bess everyday :) And I still check the PNBC website everyday :( Emma is really an alpha female so if and when we get another dog it would have to be very easy going. Last week Emma and the neighbor Husky decided they didn't like each other any more and the next thing I knew Emma had a mouth full of Husky fur. That scared me to death. Especially since I'm not sure who started it. And now I am wondering if it's MY fault for not being a better trainer. Ugh.

StellaStar said...

Holli looks like a real sweetie! Those teeth look fabulous...Sorry about your cherry troubles

Pat A said...

Holly looks great for her age. Hopefully she will be like the dog Betty and John had and live to be 19 years old.
Our neighbor brought us half of a 5 gallon bucked of cherries. Now they are one of my down falls. If I eat too much fruit, I gain a pound a day. I love fruit. Never had a problem with candy etc but I cannot eat all the fruit I would like to eat. There is nothing like fresh fruit.

Shellmo said...

Holli is great and beautiful! I can think of some words for her previous owners - !@#$#$!!!
Glad she is in your care!

Nicki said...

People suck-but she looks amazing and beautiful!

PoochesForPeace said...

Wow Holli is lucky to have you as a foster mom!

Versailles Rose said...

What a sweet old girl Holli is!